It’s not like I read this masterpiece, got it rolling on my mind and started typing this post. I have experienced it in my own life. If you can’t find happiness anywhere, get someone who needs inspiration. Find out someone who isn’t apparently happy with his life. Find out someone who is always sad or depressed. Then try your best to inspire them, try from the bottom of your heart to listen to them, solve their problems, and while doing this, forget all of your own problems and miseries.

In return, you’ll get happiness that you have been pursuing.

That person does not necessarily have to be your boyfriend/girlfriend. Take a potential friend, a neighbor, an acquaintance, or a classmate. Learn his/her stories and be a true friend. When you see that someone is unhappy with his life, try to show him/her the positive sides of being alive (despite the fact that you might be thinking the same way he/she does. Told you, forget your own problems and miseries when inspiring others).

In return, you’ll get the gift how amazing it feels when someone smiles because of you.

When you inspire someone, not only that person feels well, but also you get a really good friend. How do you take a person who stood besides you in your bad times? What do you feel about a person who made you smile even when you were very depressed? You’ll get exactly that after you inspire someone from your heart.

But keep in mind that you must not pursue happiness in inspiring others. Inspire like a friend, like you’re the only one who cares about their problem or sadness, and soon you’ll feel the happiness that I’m talking about.

If you don’t trust me, I cannot help. But I must say that I felt the happiness in my own life. I felt the great happiness that comes back after inspiring others and making them feel happy and taken care of.

If you have someone around you who is constantly sad for some reason, consider yourself blessed. You can help them just by listening to them and hearing them inspiring words from your heart. Your happiness lies in there.

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