Yea I know the title is kind of creepy. I’m still at great confusion whether aliens really do exist or not, so there’s no way I’m breaking news of alien invasion in Bangladesh. So what’s the motive of this post with such an eye-catching title?

Well, nothing really. I usually don’t upload videos to YouTube. We use Internet at terrible speed. A 30-MB video file can take several hours to upload on YouTube. Moreover, while being uploaded, the electricity may face scheduled blackout as a result of which the total upload will be corrupt. So you get the picture where we’re living in.

However, in corporate networks, the picture is quite different. In my office, where I write technology-based articles, they have a 3 mbps speed where the upload speed is about 1.5 mbps, dream to many people in Bangladesh. Few days ago, I went to my office with my laptop and utilized the speed to upload a couple of videos on YouTube.

Yes, that’s what this post is all about. I’m going to embed a YouTube video below. Nothing special, it’s just a clip of dramatic inauguration of powerful gaming laptop called Alienware from Dell in Bangladesh. See the video below:

The story here is that a bunch of aliens landed on earth. The government deployed commandos to hunt them down. They search for them and finally shoot at them. But the aliens don’t get hurt. They take the commandos as hostages and lead them to a dark booth above which we see a bold text that reads “ALIENWARE” (I couldn’t shoot that part due to low light).

This is a raw video taken by a point-and-shoot compact digital camera. I hope you enjoyed. 😉

6 thoughts

  1. So Sajib, are you any nearer to knowing whether or not there are any of those Aliens running around Earth masquerading as Humans? 🙂 Well it was just a thought…

    A rather different kind of video this one…
    Have a really great weekend now Sajib 🙂



    1. I believe aliens exist, but not in the form of what SETI is expecting. I think they might be like insects or something. Although the presence of UFO is bugging me for a while.


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