I’ve never been a good student. That quality just isn’t in me. But there are times when even the most brilliant student of the class gets bored. It’s not something occasional. We’ve seen some teachers in our school, too. Some teachers just can’t make studying interesting. Well, most teachers can’t. However, we are taught that there is nothing enjoyable in study. We have to study hard to survive in the competition. Still there are some teachers who just can’t draw the attention of students. And, at times, classes get really tiring or boring. That’s when back benches play a good role. 😀

I know it is not the best you have ever seen. :P”]extra terrestrialMost of the time we talk about issues that has nothing to do with study even when the teachers are talking in front of us. I know it’s not a good thing. But I’m talking about those special moments when classes get ‘universally’ tiring and boring. 😛 Some guys in our class can do real artwork. I’ve seen them drawing pictures of village environment. Those drawings are praiseworthy. I have never done any kind of drawing and I don’t think it’s an easy thing to do. But always I kept a pen and paper with me to randomly write stuff in the notepad.

Few days ago, I was just doing this. I don’t know why the idea of extra terrestrials came to my mind. I just thought I’d make a logo out of it. 😛 And there you see it. I wish I was more creative to do these on computers. 😦

9 thoughts

      1. Not for me. Because when I’m doodling, the only thing I’m concentrating on is the paper. 😛 That’s not gonna help anyway. 😦

        Thanks for the link. Your doodles are great. Really. 🙂


  1. It’s sad you find so many classes boring. If you really have been taught that there is nothing enjoyable in study then you have been taught wrong! I’ve been teaching for close to 20 years now and I would have gone mad or died by now if I had believed that. I’m not saying everyone of my classes is interesting, fun or memorable – but I try to make them that way and succeed a lot of the time because of the effort I put in. Every teacher should be teaching their students how to enjoy learning otherwise how will they continue to learn for themselves once they leave school? I’ve never stopped learning and hope I never will. 🙂


    1. You try to make it interesting. The sad thing is, which I wanted to express in the post, that most teachers in Bangladesh don’t have that attitude. That leads us to believe there is nothing enjoyable in learning. The situation is like learn to survive. Don’t expect fun.


      1. Definitely a view that needs changing in bangladesh I suspect – Especially if teachers want their students to ‘learn to survive’. In the west there is an expectation that, at least amongst the best, people become lifelong learners and are equipped, as well as encouraged, to teach themselves and enjoy it. Of course, many schools and teachers fail to do this well but schools are tested by the government to make them do it. I do know many teachers in Bangladesh though who DO make lessons interesting. At the school I teach at there are many. We are definitely blessed by them 🙂


        1. That’s why I said most — not all — teachers in Bangladesh don’t know how to make teaching interesting, compelling and entertaining. I wish the situation improves.


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