And I mean it. I recently figured that I’m one of the biggest procrastinators the world has ever met. Because I put up works for weeks that need barely an hour to be done. And I have been doing it for quite some time now.

A couple of days ago, while surfing some blogs related to programming and freelancing, I stumbled upon a couple of portfolios of freelance writers. I have seen freelance writers’ portfolios. But that day I put more attention. They were writing contents and getting paid for it. Most of those contents were non-fictional. Most of those were published somewhere on the Internet. And then they describe themselves as freelance writer.

That’s the moment I came to realize that I am a freelance writer, too. I get paid for writing valuable contents for a number of different blogs. Don’t get me wrong, nobody is paying me to write here. This is just my personal blog. But I’m always on a hurry to write. Most of my writings are published in different blogs and news media. A couple of more writings are regularly being published on a monthly magazine (printed) over here in Bangladesh.

In last two years, I’ve earned quite some money out of writing contents for blogs, news media and IT magazine. I did a rough calculation and came up with the result that I’ve made up the price of the first computer I bought back in 2009. Plus, I managed to earn enough money to get a laptop which is essential for anyone living in the [electrical] atmosphere in Bangladesh. I’m still writing. I’m a student. Along with my study, I always find myself on undisclosed deadlines to submit posts and articles to news media, blogs and IT magazine.

Does that make a freelance writer? I guess so.

I think I should not concentrate on anything else just now. I’m writing, getting paid for it, and studying. If I take up something more (like programming) at this stage, it will hamper by study greatly which is something I don’t want to happen.

As soon as I figured that I am actually a freelance writer, and I need a dedicated workspace, separate working hours, and I need to put my full concentration on my writing when I’m writing contents, I discovered that I’m one of the biggest procrastinators the world has ever seen!

I’ve always read how freelancers should separate their workspace from family so that they can stay fully concentrated while working. But I’ve never applied it to myself because I didn’t even knew I was a freelancer. As I work for a news media in Bangladesh, I’m referred to as being contributing journalist. But I am not limited to that, I write for a variety of sites. I think that does make me a freelance writer.

I hope to work hard from now on. If any of my bosses — who pay for my writings — are reading this, I gotta be sorry for being a procrastinator. I really hope to work hard and concentrate on writing better from now on. Writing is fun especially when you like doing it (thus my personal blog!).

I still deserve a Nobel prize for procrastination, don’t I? 😀

8 thoughts

  1. Since you’ve identified the procrastination issue and are planning to do something about it, it automatically disqualifies you to win the Nobel prize 🙂


  2. Sometimes procrastination is the only thing I get accomplished all day – and I do it so well 🙂

    BTW – a tip for your English writing. In English, the word “content” is always plural, so you should just use “content” and not “contents.” The same is true for the word “data”, but your being a computer guy, you probably already knew that.


    1. yes, I do know about data. But I never knew about the content being always ‘content’ and not ‘contents’. Thank you very much for the tip. I appreciate it a lot. 🙂 🙂


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