Hey everyone! I’m sorry but I couldn’t come up with a better title for this post. I just wanted the title to be anything but usual. Anyway, let’s talk about what’s really important today.

Probably this is my first post on this post seeking some help. Yes, I need some help today. Before I tell you what it is about, let me tell you details. Eventually you’ll know what I’m asking for.

© Creative Commons BY-NC-ND

Those who are contacts on my Flickr or at least take a look at my Flickr feed on the right side of this blog may have noticed that I’ve uploaded a set of photos last month. The set is called B. Baria Visit. B.Baria is actually my hometown (My mother’s hometown, actually. My father’s hometown is Comilla.) I usually go to B.Baria once every year. I like the environment there, the people there, and the calmness of the environment with poor communication facility and no electricity. Having no electricity in the village is the biggest problem, but I still enjoy it. Makes me feel like in a village in ancient time. 😉

Anyway, I have intense interest in Photography. Luckily I won a compact digital camera earlier this year. I try to keep it with me wherever I go. So, I took my camera with me and shot a lot. Only the best of those shots were uploaded on my Flickr Feed and a Facebook Album.

Enough talked, let’s come to the point. This month, QUBEE arranged a photography contest called Qubee See and Be Seen Photography Contest. Everyone was allowed to submit up to five photos. I submitted five photos from this album because until now these were my best shots.

I was astonished when the email arrived on my inbox informing me that one of my five submission was selected for the second phase of Qubee See and Be Seen Photography Contest. The photo that was selected is posted in the beginning of this post. There were like 5 albums each with about 100 photos that was selected for this photo. I found my photo in the Album 1. But now the real competition begins because ten days from now on only top 20 most liked pictures will remain on the contest. You know how tough the competition is. The more people you know, the more like you will likely get.

I don’t have much hope to win this. I still want to give it a try. That’s why I’m writing this post today asking all my readers and visitors to take a minute out of their everyday life, log in to Facebook, like the following picture and share it with your friends and ask them to like it too so that in the end I can get more likes increasing my chance to remain in the contest.

Click here to view the photo on Facebook and like it to get your vote counted.

The prizes are attractive. Many gadgets — mostly Apple products including the all new Macbook Air. No wonder these are my dream gadgets, but what I want more is to be in the list of winners. If the entire competition were done by judges, I would be much happier. Since I have no way but to promote my picture and ask my friends and well-wishers to like it, I’m here doing so.

I hope you will give this photo a like and help me get more likes by asking the people you know to like it as well.

As the rule has been updated, people who like the photo should also like the page as well. I hope you won’t mind liking the page for a couple of weeks only. Thanks.

Thanks in advance. I appreciate your support very much.

13 thoughts

    1. Thank you. 🙂 Maybe you could share it on your wall and ask friends to like it as well. You know more likes make it more likely to be in the top twenty. 🙂


    1. Thanks Nadia apu. I appreciate your support. 🙂

      By the way you asked me to go and take photos in my village. The set linked in the post contains some photos of the village during seasonal flood. Hope you like them.


      1. ns)r;cG(azie,la cercavo con la ricerca all'interno del blog ma mi trovava solo la prte 1 e non potevo proprio perdermi la parte 2 ora che una mia amica laureata in scienze motorie vuole fare un corso di moxibustione, che disdetta :(cl_sp();


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