Let me tell you one thing about me: I never win lotteries. Really. This is one thing that constantly discourages me from entering into contests that choose the lucky winner via lottery.

Although the Qubee See and Be Seen Photography contest was not based on lottery, but it was somewhat the same. Those who have read my previous post asking for votes for my entry on the contest would know that it was based on how many likes one can get for his photo. It entirely bases on publicity, how much friends you have and so on. I find it somewhat similar to lottery since I don’t have too many people in my known circle.

Still I managed to get a number of likes on my photo through blogs and social networking websites. But the problem occurred when two days later the company announced that those who like the picture will also have to like the page as well. That kind of killed my hope to make it to the next level because, as you can guess, it was not possible to ask every individual who liked the picture to go to Qubee page and like that as well. It will be more like annoying them. I find it difficult. But I still kept on promoting my photo.

countryside in bangladesh
This photo was selected for the First phase of the photography contest.

You know what happened next. I did not make it to the next level. I’m not very much frustrated because I didn’t hope much either. I don’t have a reputation of winnings things from contest although I actually won a digital camera once.

How many times have you won contests and what were the prizes that you won? Let me know to help me encourage to enter more contests. 😛

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    1. Thanks. 🙂 Actually there were a lot of better pictures taken by professionals with their expensive gears (expensive SLRs, Lens and so on). In front of them I’m a child (amateur) with a toy (Compact digital camera). 😦


  1. Mate, better luck next time. I too like photography and have entered few competitions – for me when I don’t win I take the experience as a learning curve for the future plus to build up my experience.

    for me Photography is a hobby and its the satisfaction of seeing so many different photographs all in one place.


    1. Thanks. I like photography for the purpose of showing others through my lens what I’ve seen. But I often fail to do it properly because of lack of proper gears (I don’t mean the expensive ones, just the regular DSLR).

      And Photography is a hobby for me, too. I’m an amateur photographer with a compact digital camera that I won as a prize from a blogging contest (link in the post).


  2. My two photos were also selected there but I didn’t bother to annoy people with those likes, cause yeah I also don’t have so big circle of people and It seemed kind of not worth it. Your picture is nice though. I have not won anything in my life, I think, lol. So don’t worry you’re not the only one.


  3. Well I’m rubbish at photos AND lotteries my friend – so you have one thing better than me! The photo was great. I think the best way to approach competitions is with a view to push yourself and expand your boundaries. Any winning that might take place is merely the special treat on top – and not the real reason for taking part. Think of it that way and you’ll never be disappointed. Keep entering the competitions and taking the photos 🙂


  4. If you’d asked us to like the page, we would have happily done it for you. But, you are still a winner for us because that picture is beautiful!

    One of my very good friends in Makkah won herself a brand new BMW in April this year. So don’t give up hope 🙂


    1. You would, I don’t guess most of them would do it. Apart from that, I find it a little annoying for others. On top of all, I was actually disappointed with the other entries from professional photographers taken with expensive gears and lens. So, I stopped even thinking of going to the second phase.

      The competition is still going on. Top 30 or so pictures have been selected and arranged in a photo gallery in the city. Here’s a photo of the gallery:


  5. I never win contests either Sajib. I think a photo should be judged by its merit, not how many people can be convinced to go to the page and click “like” I think that is more about recruiting newcomers to that website, than about a contest to judge the merit of photo submissions.

    Anyway, I thought your photo was good, and I think a lot of your regular readers did too. And what really counts is if YOU liked it.


    1. It’s obvious that the contest was held to recruit newcomers, otherwise they wouldn’t have asked to like their page in order for the likes on the photo to be counted. Anyway, thanks for the compliment. And yes, I did like this photo. 🙂 But I think the photo below is better than that one. For me, I like this one more:

      I submitted this as well, but it wasn’t approved. What do you think of these two? Which one is better?


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