Sometimes life’s going to hit you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith. — Steve Jobs

Yesterday I felt like I was hit in the head with a brick by ‘life’. Interesting part is, I found myself not losing the faith.

I don’t know if there are other people in the world who has same attitude or willpower as me, but I find myself so attached to something that it actually starts to look odd. Especially after what I heard yesterday, it’s foolish not to lose faith in the matter I’m not going to discuss here.

Imagine you have a dream and it’s something you can’t really tell everyone. You’re most likely to be laughed at when you speak of that untold dream. I’m not talking about my dream about being a journalist or blogger in some international publishing media like The New York Times or something. In fact, I talk about this dream a lot and discuss it with experts whenever I find opportunities. But this dream I have is completely different. If I unveil the dream, it will sound identical to thousands of other people’s dreams. But i know that it’s not the same, and it’s rather impossible to make you believe that it’s different. This is basically the reason why I don’t discuss about that dream with any of my friends, Internet friends or the people I trust.

This dream has 0.1% possibility of coming true in the future. The percentage was 10%, but it dropped down to 0.1% — almost none — after the last night. I wondered when I felt that I was in pain but I wasn’t really crying. The impact of that happening was highly likely to make me cry, or at least ‘almost cry’. But I didn’t. I found myself still attached to my faith in Allah that one day, this dream that is unlikely to happen will come true. People say nothing is impossible. I find it as a way of encouragement. But when it comes to God, everything literally is possible.

That ‘don’t lost faith’ part was probably meant to inspire people to keep giving their best to reach out their goal. However, this dream has a goal but I literally don’t have anything that I can do to reach it. I admit, once I had. But due to some mistakes I unwillingly made, I lost control over the matter. Now it’s all in the control of the Almighty. And for me, sitting down here on earth, I can only pray and keep my faith in Him that the unlikely will happen someday to make me smile from the inner side of myself.

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    1. Yes, I actually believe that time will create a situation where the dream will come true — not necessarily change into something else.

      Thanks for your comment.


  1. hi!!!
    i too have a dream which is untold and it is with me without a reason!! i could never find how that dream got attached to me!!!
    i believe such dreams are things that complete me!!!
    i have decided i won’t draw away from that and would complete it one day!!!
    that dream is my aim in life now!!!!


  2. I know that feeling- the one which, when I think about it, people ask me what I’m thinking about, and I tell them “Nothing, just wondering about a few things”.

    But that ‘nothing’ is farther from the truth.


  3. এ জগেত সকলই িমথ্যা, সবই মায়াময়
    স্বপ্ন শুধু সত্য হয়, আর সত্য নয়।

    Everyone has a dream. Tenacity to stick it with your life is a rare thing!
    The day we stop dreaming is the day we die!!

    Good luck!


    1. “Tenacity”

      That’s the word I was looking for in the thesaurus when writing this post. Thanks. 🙂

      The day we stop dreaming is the day we die!

      Perfectly said. I agree.


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