Matt recently read I Never Used an Apple Product, I Still Mourn Steve’s Death, Here’s why and enjoyed it enough to click the ‘Like’ button. Congratulations!

Whenever I see the name Matt anywhere on the web, the first ‘full name’ that comes up on my mind is Matt Mullenweg, the person behind WordPress and all things Automattic (like Gravatar, BuddyPress and so on). However, Matt Mullenweg didn’t come up on my mind at first when I received this notification a while ago in my inbox.

However, as I clicked the links, I discovered it was indeed Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress! The only time Matt Mullenweg didn’t come up on my mind was the time when it was indeed Matt Mullenweg. How interesting is that?

Moreover, I’m way too excited to even think that WordPress founder has been on my blog. Not only that, he liked one of my recent blog posts. This may not be something I can add to my résumé, but it’s definitely something to be excited for!!/aisajib/status/142460267358461952

What do you think?

25 thoughts

  1. I created my blog recently “”. And and first post I wrote was liked my Matt and a comment was made by Chris. Do their comments/likes come automatically or I too am lucky?

    I’m confused!


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