Flickr – the photo sharing site by Yahoo has always been my favorite. I have been using it since before I owned a camera to store and showcase the photographs I’ve taken. It’s great because it lets me organize my photos the way I like it. It’s also great to participate into groups and submit photos as per the group policy. This way, I not only made new photographer friends but also found many people who are amateur photographer just like me.

And the best thing about Flickr was that it’s free of cost! I knew about the 300 MB photo upload limit per month and I was happy with it. I don’t take too many photos nor do I have that fast upload speed to upload as much as 300 MB photos a month. So, I was happy with it.

Well, it was all until I signed in to Flickr a couple of minutes ago when I was greeted with a rather warning message!

Click to enlarge.

The warning said once I hit 200 photos, I will only be able to see my most recent 200 uploads. That means, the older-than-200-photos will be kept hidden in order to force me to upgrade my account to pro.

I say, that’s cruel! I mean, you should have said it when I was creating my account for the first time. This policy may have been included in the policy, but this is a big thing that should be noted when I’m creating my account. This way, I would be able to know that there’s a big obstacle ahead.

You might say that $24/year is no big deal. I agree with you. In fact, I can afford that. But the problem is, I live in Bangladesh. I don’t have any credit card. Simply I can’t make the payment all by myself (and it’s a pain to buzz others to help me out with their credit card!). So, I am quite unable to make the upgrade. Plus, I’m not willing to purchase a pro account on Flickr. Come on, I’m an amateur. I don’t want to spend money on storing my photos!

I think it’s time I look around and search for an alternative to Flickr. Facebook is a good alternative, but it’s only good for the friends I have. I know about the ‘public’ functionality of privacy settings, still it’s not as good as Flickr.

Do you know any other photo-sharing sites like Flickr? I know a couple of them but they have a limited 3 GB or 5 GB or at most 10 GB limitation for free account. If I sign up, I’ll always have to be worried about my space being filled out! So, I’m looking for a photo-sharing website with easy organizing options like Flickr that has unlimited bandwidth and photo uploading feature. Google+ is a good option, I’m keeping that in my mind. This will be the last destination of all my future photos (after Facebook) unless I find another ‘as-good-as-Flickr’ photo-sharing platform.

Photographers, any help for me here, please?

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    1. Picasa Web Album has some limitation. Probably 1 GB or 2. You have to upgrade to get more storage. Worse than Flickr. I think I’ll just stick to Google+ for unlimited upload and bandwidth facility.


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