After being warned by Flickr yesterday, I started looking for an alternative to Flickr. Apart from Facebook, the number one priority was for Google+. Facebook is good for sharing photos with friends and family members, but not for retaining the quality of the original photo.

As soon as I started using Google+ and uploading photos to it, I had a rough understanding of the matter that Google+ stores nearly original quality (if not accurately original) of the uploaded photos where Facebook, even if you tick the checkbox to retain high-resolution, deliberately loses quality significantly. Until recently, it was all in my eyes. I uploaded a couple of photos today and discovered the difference between them on Google+ and Facebook. I’ve attached these photos here for you to judge.

photo quality on Facebook vs Google+
Photo linked from Facebook. Click to enlarge.

The photo above was uploaded to Facebook and the High Resolution checkbox was selected so that the photo quality is retained. It looks good. I couldn’t spot much of a difference between this one and the original. However, as soon as I uploaded this on Google+, I was astonished. See the photo below that is hotlinked from Google+.

photo on google+ vs facebook
Photo uploaded to Google+. Click to enlarge.

Do you spot the significant differences between the two? For better understanding, open both of these photos in two tabs in then compare. You’ll be amazed. It amazed me. I read a couple of posts on many popular blogs that Google+ is actually better than Facebook for existing and aspiring photographers. But I never really understood why was that. I thought the feature was the main thing that attracted many people to move their photos to Google+.

Now I know the main reason is photo quality. It’s just mind-blowing, don’t you think so? I think I’ve just found the perfect alternative to Flickr. 🙂 The only problem with Google+ is that it’s bandwidth-hungry. I guess the load of JavaScript and other codes working hard in the background makes it slow in my already-slow Internet connection. 😦 That’s the only downside I’ve got with my whole Google+ experience.

Just in case you’re interested, here’s a link to my Google+ profile.

6 thoughts

  1. Wow I can see even the difference by just looking at them. The below one is much more sharper. I’m using only Facebook right now to share my photos, but I should check it out as I am also interested about photography and want to share the best quality with others! Thanks for sharing and recommending 🙂


  2. Yep, I noticed that difference too when I uploaded pictures from a wedding I attended recently on Google+ and that’s what I use for sharing photo albums with family members.


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