What was the best birthday party ever that you attended? I can’t remember any birthday event I attended. I don’t celebrate my birthday and I don’t get invited by any of my friends at their birthdays. Well, most of my friends don’t celebrate their birthdays like an occasion. So, a birthday party was out of question.

However, this was all until December 12 when I attended a the birthday party of Khalid bhai, CEO of WebExBD, an outsourcing firm. Coincidentally, December 12 was also the birthday of another WebExBD member Sumon bhai. So, we celebrated their birthday together. Not only that, the birthday party also marked the first get-together of the entire WebExBD team. Until now, the team has worked in a scattered way. On the event, we decided to give it a serious go from the next week onwards.

birthday party at A&W
The guy with the laptop looks like me! 😉
birthday cake
Yummy or what?!

birthday of khalid bhai at a&w

I didn’t have much idea how the birthday party will go. I’m glad that I didn’t miss it, because it was awesome! We had a lot of fun at A&W restaurant at Gulshan-1, Dhaka. We were a total of about 16 people there. However, the greater time was yet to come. In the evening, Khalid bhai told us that he and a couple of others will go over to Pool Lovers at Banani to play some pool. Anyone wanted to play could join. At first, I refused to go because I don’t find pool much exciting. In addition to that, I would have a hard time getting a transport to my home from where Pool Lovers is. Fortunately, I got a few others living in the some place around me. Therefore, I later decided to go to Pool Lovers.

pool lovers, dhaka

pool lovers
Although it was late night, there were other folks playing pool at Pool Lovers.

This wasn’t necessarily the first time I’d ever been there. I went there two more times and watched Khalid bhai and Sumon bhai playing. I didn’t find it interesting and therefore didn’t even bother to give it a go. However, Khalid bhai insisted that I should at least give it a try to see if I like it. As there were other newbies over there, I thought there’s no harm in trying, right? So, I took up a cue and gave my first shot on the pool board.

pool lovers, dhaka

The way I bent my body was incorrect at first. Khalid bhai helped me out here. I couldn’t hit the ball in the right place. I’d hit it, but the ball would fly! It was difficult at first. But within 20 minutes or so, I mastered got the hang of it and understood the rules and system of the game. Of course, player’s brain and eyes’ combination must be very sharp and must understand geometry to calculate on mind where exactly to hit the ball to get it into the pocket. As you can guess, I couldn’t do complex shots. But I think for the first time, I played rather well. 😀

And that’s when Khalid bhai’s say was proved: “It looks boring when you watch it, but is more fun when you actually play it!’

pool lovers

I won twice, given that my side was accompanied by Sumon bhai. I managed to pocket a couple of balls in the table and it was really fun and exciting!

The rule of the game was pretty straightforward. At first, all the balls except the cue ball, which is usually white-colored with no stripe, is shaped in a triangle form and is placed in one side of the table. Player must scatter the balls with a break shot using a long cue and the cue ball. Then both team, consists of two, or four, or however you like it, tries to pocket the first ball. There are two types of balls on the table. The solid balls and the striped balls. If the first ball you pocket is a stripe, then your target is to pocket all the 7 balls of the same type and then finally pocket the 8 ball, which is usually black. However, if you pocket 8 ball before pocketing all the other balls of your type, you lose.

pool lovers
That's sumon bhai breaking the rack.

I think I’m loving the game. I’m planning to annoy Khalid bhai each week and play with him on the table. This sure is a fun and exciting game. There are some pool billiards around the place I live in, but I’m still a beginner and would like to go there once I’m a little mature in this game.

Have you ever played pool, or 8-ball, in an actual table (as opposed to your computer or handheld devices)? How do you like the game?

10 thoughts

  1. I LOVE pool and had no idea that there was a Pool hall in Banani (where I normally stay when in Dhaka). Alas, I have never been very good at it, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying playing. I rarely win (sometimes though) and get very excited about playing. Snooker is the much harder ‘grown up’ version and my brother happens to be pretty amazing at the game. I never got into it for some reason but Pool is one of my favourite games. Maybe we shall have to have a game one day bhai?


    1. Not just one day, knock me anytime you’re around and free to have a play. I’ll be happy to!

      I don’t have much idea about snookers. I did a quick search on Wikipedia and it already seems so tough to me. For me, games aren’t much enjoyable if it’s so tough that I’m quite unable to play the game. This applies for computer games as well.


  2. I am SO bad at playing pool, lol… I played it once before and well, my balls were flying off the board constantly. 😀


    1. That makes me think, despite having played only once, I’m still better than you. 😀 I balls fly, too, but not off the table. 😎 Maybe you and I should have a game as well. There’s a beautiful feeling in winning. :mrgreen:


  3. Thank you for sharing. Looks like you had a lot of fun :D.

    We actually had a pool table in our house, in the basement floor where I now have my room. We played a bit in the beginning (when we moved in, 4-5 years ago) but eventually it got boring. I guess that’s what happens if you see it everyday. Or maybe none of us was really into the game :P. Anyway… I sold it a few months ago to make that room my room, as the room I had at that time was really tiny, and the unused pool table was talking a hell of a lot of space of that basement room.


    1. You’re right, actually. If you don’t like the game that much, you might not find much interest in the game. For example. carom board is boring to me where there are lots of people who are kind of addicted to this game.

      Selling it off for freeing up space is pretty logical although I think I wouldn’t do that. These days people only play games on their computers and forgetting actual sports. A pool table, although indoor, would be great to refresh from technology if you know what I mean.


      1. Yeah… but I prefer board games when it comes to that… even though I don’t have any lol… but I’m thinking of getting some at home… in case we have guests. We usually cluster up in front of the laptop or the TV. Much more fun engaging in some other type of game I agree.


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