ipad for pilots
American Airlines proudly shows how pilots would use iPads instead of paper charts. -- NYT.

Imagine a couple of pilots are fooled by a glitch of the iPads they were using in cockpit at thousands of feet altitude. What would have happened to that plane and the passengers it was carrying?

I’ve been following Nick Bilton, a blogger of the New York Times Bits blog, on Facebook since he was featured on Uncrunched, a blog by the founder Michael Arrington of TechCrunch. I follow his writings to follow the way he writes and use the knowledge to improve my writing skill. A couple of minutes ago, he shared his latest post on Bits blog titled “F.A.A. Approves iPads in Cockpit, But Not for Passengers“. I read the post and this question came up on my mind.

When I read the first piece on this matter, I was thinking that the reason for the ban on electronic devices during take-offs and landings could be that these might interfere with other electronic devices and signals the plane is using. However, after reading his latest post, I started thinking, if pilots can use it, why not passengers? But the post itself described that allowing passengers to use electronic devices like iPhones and iPads could bring hundreds of such devices on board. Then it made sense to me.

So, why will the pilots be using iPads? There’s no reason to play Angry Birds when they are flying an aircraft with hundreds of lives at their control. Well, the American Airlines said that pilots will be using one iPad each instead of paper charts. Now, I don’t have much idea what paper charts are used for. If it’s something so important that pilots may have difficulty flying aircraft without these, then what if the iPads on cockpit suddenly go off?

I mean, it’s a technology. No one can guarantee that it will never betray at a moment very critical. If pilots, high above the ground, completely depends on iPad, I think someday it might cause them along with the hundreds of passengers on board to meet Steve Jobs to express their anger for the failure of his device.

What do you think?

Hold on a second there and let me tell you one thing that I don’t own an iPad and I don’t fly planes! So, there is no reason for me to panic or use my precious time thinking about it. Yet I was just wondering and wanted to share my opinion with my readers.

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  1. I think they use the books as logs, and could very much survive if the iPad failed them ;). However if the communication fails, for example with the ground, then we’re talking problems…


        1. I’m sure there are a lot of people knowledgeable in this stuff who visit or blog in WordPress.com. I’ve had the relevant tags but turns out they probably missed it. 😦 Bad luck, I guess.


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