I remember the time when I used to think of skipping colleges because of the rainy weather outside. Looking back to those days, it makes me feel how stupid I was. Going to college in rainy morning is rather easier than going to college in today’s winter morning. In other words, I find it pretty much impossible.

For past couple of days, the cold wave in the city has turned out to be bone-shaking. And the fog outside? Don’t mention it. The other day, I went out in the morning and the scene outside reminded me of one of my favorite movies, The Mist. I didn’t literally fear of any creatures coming out of the mist because I was feeling cold. As far as I remember, the survivors or the trapped people in The Mist didn’t appear to be feeling cold when they were outside the supermarket.

the mist
A shot from Stephen King's The Mist.
winter in Bangladesh
This photo, taken a few days ago, shows the second largest vegetable market in the city which is next to my home. See the dense fog made it almost invisible.

winter in Bangladesh
Mirpur Mazar; what's on the other side of the gate?

Anyway, dense fog is not what interrupts me from going to colleges. In fact, such fog does not happen every morning out there. It’s the cold that’s preventing me from going out to college. I know it’s just me; not everyone else. Other students are going to colleges but I just can’t make it. I skipped college yesterday and I did it today as well. This morning I was thinking to myself, winter will stay for about two months. How can I go to college every morning in this cold wave out there?

And then, for the first time ever, I thought that winter was worse than summer.

So, what do you think? Do you hate winter more or summer?

20 thoughts

  1. What about your home? Do you have heater there or something? We don’t have right now and it’s even more cold inside than outside! Like in northern countries we at least are making a fire which will bring up the temperature around 20- 25 degrees or using a heater is a must! Plus we don’t have hot water and it makes it even more worse. πŸ˜›


  2. At least you live in Dhaka bhai! We’re up in Dinajpur which is several degrees colder than the capital – and the fog even denser! It gets so horribly cold doesn’t it! We have just one little heater to keep us warm. BUT – at least it only lasts about 3 weeks and then the sun starts getting out again. Here in the UK we now have snow and it will get much, much colder yet – down to -10 or more very easily. And our winter will go on until the end of February or longer! By that point I hope to be back in Bangladesh reading the Bangla newspaper (maybe one of your articles Sajib?) on the veranda under the lovely Bengali sun! IF we get the visas!

    Although it gets stupidly hot in Bangladesh, I ALWAYS prefer heat to the cold – I HATE, HATE the cold but no matter how much you want to die in the heat, it is always better than the cold in ANY country πŸ™‚


    1. I prefer cold more than heat (still). In Winter, we can at least wear as many clothes as necessary. πŸ˜› But in summer heat, we can’t take off our clothes when outside. πŸ˜›


  3. Definitely winter. Snowing like crazy right now and everything is white and foggy outside. You have no idea how lucky you guys are… don’t have to step out in -15 or -20 😦 (although winter this time is surprisingly warm; only 0 degrees today). And what’s worse is that the sun is only up for less than six hours a day. So basically most people head out in the dark and get home in the dark (sun starts setting at 1 pm). Makes it all even worse!


    1. I know that we’re always better than snowing countries. At least, our temperature doesn’t reach 0 degree. However, in summer, Bangladesh is worse. In terms of temperature, it’s not. But in terms of overall situation, it’s unbearable. (Like most of you folks have ACs in schools and so on during summer, but we don’t.)


      1. No, no one in Britain has ACs in schools – no need! Our summers are rubbish! Our school in Dinajpur has no AC except in the library and computer room – and then rarely used. We suffer the heat just like the rest of the country and along with our Bangladeshi brothers and sisters. It IS pretty awful with the humidity and the winter is bad too – because houses in the Bangladesh are not built to keep heat IN but let it OUT – which you don’t want in ‘shitkal’. I wake up in a cold wet bed and put cold wet clothes on every morning for about 2-3 weeks – horrid! But then the sun gets through the fog again and everything becomes better! πŸ™‚


      2. We don’t have AC’s in schools… and we don’t go to school during summer LOL. After the first week (for some schools first two weeks) of June till mid August if you’re in school or beginning of September if you’re in uni, we’re completely free.

        Yeah I know… I always go to Bangladesh during the summer. The heat itself isn’t unbearable; it’s the horrible humidity. You know if I take jeans with me to Bangladesh from here, they almost melt! Jeans aren’t supposed to be soft! It’s amazing how much humidity affects us physically.


        1. Yup, humidity. The word I’ve been missing. πŸ™‚ And personally, I’m affected by this most. I sweat a lot (people stare!). It’s a crazy feeling you know. 😑


          1. Aw… that’s sad, and frustrating I reckon. The problem is that when you start thinking about it (that you’re sweating and people are staring at you), you’ll sweat even more due to the frustration/stress :-/.


            1. Not really, I told you guys that I sweat a little too much, which is unusual. It could be genetic, at least that’s what I think it is. So, I can’t really stare straight back. They don’t sweat as much as I do. This is one thing that makes me very uncomfortable and upset during summer. That’s another reason I like winter over summer.


  4. yeah it is terrible in winter as the fog causes headaches… i love going out in rainy seasons but winter is at home!!! when extreme cold wavw prevails the governors ask schools and colleges to delay the time of schools and colleges owing to extreme cold and accident causing fog!!! wish you luck for that!!!


    1. If college/schools were closed during winter, then winter would have been great. Because winter is best enjoyed under a blanket. πŸ˜›

      Nothing like that happens here in Bangladesh. Colleges start at the same time as always. So, there’s no way to skip that. Extreme cold almost kills us every morning. 😦


  5. I think I hate cold more than heat. But where I live we expect to have cold snowy weather, so we are used to it. Most homes have central heat; most people have warm winter clothing. We have snow plows to plow the roads so we can get out. But college is important Sajib. Even though it’s cold and foggy, you need to figure out how to get there.


    1. Fortunately, the temperature was a little warmer today so I figured out a way to go to the college.

      Lucky that I wasn’t punished for skipping colleges for past three days. πŸ˜€


  6. @ Sajib (the reply thread ended): I know what you mean. My cousin’s son has that problem as well. He’s just a kid, I don’t remember how old :-/, but he sweats noticably more than others.


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