I don’t know about folks over at the western countries, but here, ice creams get extremely lonely during the entire winter. Their incredible contribution towards cooling us down in hot summer days is totally forgotten whenever seasonal cold wave shakes the country. I haven’t spotted anyone in the public to give ice creams some company. I know a couple of people who do, but it’s just a handful of people who remember our best friends in summer.

How can they be so selfish? I mean, how can we? At least, I can’t. I had a selfish tag but I’ve removed it long ago. As a showcase of my ‘no-selfishness’, I’ve decided to take care of some ice cream and give them warm company in the bone-shaking cold out there.

ice cream in computer desk

Trust me, I love ice creams so much that, although I can spend single days without her, I can definitely not spend more than a week without her cold company, even in this freaking freezing cold!

12 thoughts

  1. I see that your studies have taken
    you into the realms of Ice Cream and
    the tasting of πŸ™‚ Yes a good lesson πŸ˜‰

    Have a great rest of evening and be
    well my friend, the New Year beckons
    and I hope that yours will be a truly
    excellent one Sajib πŸ™‚



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