First, I spotted this on my Facebook newsfeed. A girl was talking about the word kolaveri. It looked weird to me. I ignored. But when I saw the same word coming from multiple statuses, I thought to give it a try. I googled it and was eventually led to the YouTube page of the following song.

Why This Kolaveri Di – Original Version

I kinda liked it. It’s light-themed song, was composed in about 20 minutes for upcoming Tamil film “3”. The best part of the song is that it includes some English words sung in a very funny way. Because of those broken English, it was easy to understand the theme of the song. And it got stuck on my mind, like millions of others who made this song a YouTube sensation overnight.

Then suddenly I discovered that there were other versions of the same song. I spotted an Indian artist’s child singing the song in a very sweet voice. I spotted some Bengali translation of the song with hilarious meaning. Some were duplicating it with their own lyrics while some others just edited the video of it. I thought it would be a good idea to showcase the best Why This Kolaveri Di remixes to date that I’ve come across.

Let’s start with the best professional remix in English language. You’re gonna be shaking your head after hearing this, that’s for sure. And it actually sings, “How Could You Do This To Me.”  Check it out.

Why This Kolaveri Di – English R&B Remix

Are you still shaking your head? Please pause for a moment, because if you are a geeky person like me, who is either passionate or professional in anything technology, you’ll probably love the following song as well.

Why This Kolaveri Di – Geeky Remix

Are you still laughing? Don’t worry, I almost fell from the chair when hearing this. (Not really, I was half-lying on my bed 😐 ). However, they are true in some sense. That’s how most IT professionals spend their life, right?

Now, let’s to go the really fun part of the post.

How would you like if all of a sudden Tom (who sits on top of my blog with a rather tiny Christmas gift) (did you just scroll up to see him? 😛 ) starts singing Kolaveri in a way you’ve never imagined before? I know you’re excited. If you’re planning not to watch any of these Kolaveri songs, I would still highly suggest you to play the following song. Trust me, it’s gonna blow your mind!

Why This Kolaveri Di – Tom & Jerry (Awesome!)

Now, I did literally fell from chair (almost, actually) after watching this. Superb video editing. The guy has really got some eagle eye!

For those who want to see a sad little story between Tom and white skin girl, here’s another. Video quality is poor and you’ll not like it at first. But overall, the story is touching (and true in a sense).

Why This Kolaveri Di – Tom & Jerry (Sad Love Story)

Now, raise your hands whoever loves the cute (and sometimes annoying) donkey who keeps stalking the ogre, Shrek. Oh, I see plenty of hands in front of my blog. Okay, lower your hands and push the play button. This is gonna blow your mind as well!

Why This Kolveri Di – Donkey Remix (From Shrek)

LOL. Right?

So, that wraps up today’s Kolaveri collection. If you enjoyed it, take it as a Christmas present. 😉 And please take a moment to share the fun with your friends through Facebook and Twitter. I don’t see why would anybody not enjoy it (especially after watching the Tom version) so there’s no point of saying anything if someone doesn’t enjoy it. 😉 😛

Oh, and happy holidays, everyone! Luckily and coincidentally, this year I’ve got holidays as well. Not for Christmas, like I said earlier, but as winter vacation from my college. 😀

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