This definitely is not my bed and that is not my laptop (although I envy to have a Mac)!

“Seriously,” did you just say?

I know, that’s an awkward place to be productive where we are actually supposed to be non-productive and be in hibernation mode. But I find my bed a very effective source of both productivity and inspiration. How? Let me tell you.

When I’m sitting in front of my desktop or laptop thinking what should be the next post about (certainly not here, I get blog ideas for this blog throughout my everyday life). I end up having a hard time finding a topic to write about. However, as soon as I give up, or finish working on a not-so-great post and move to my bed, inspiration strikes! I mean, seriously. I have been blogging since 2006 and I wrote for numerous blogs in both Bangla and English. From my experience, I can tell you that the ideas for the posts that went viral and received top views as well as most comments came from my bed. Yup, when I was actually trying to go to sleep.

When I was in blogging for money business (clarification in the next paragraph), there was a saying: “Always have a notebook and pen with you so that you can write down whenever you have an outstanding idea for the next post on your blog.” I bet if you’ve ever been into blogging for money (like Adsense) and things like that, you’ve heard this, too. However, when I go to sleep, in my bed, I’m really tired and I can’t write down the ideas on a notebook although it’s just next to my bed. Yup, I go to my bed only when I’m really tired and need a sleep. But the good thing is, I don’t forget the ideas.

Those who have been following my blog for more than a year might know that I had a blog at but I lost the domain due to domain registrar’s unavailability. The main focus of that blog was to make money out of it like hundreds of others do. However, turned out that I’m not good at it. So, I focused on content only by writing for other blogs and local magazines (and slowly moving to international ones as well). I think along with study, that works pretty much fine.

Anyway, back to the point, I wonder why the greatest ideas for my blog posts come from my bed. Last night, I was thinking of writing something on this blog. I usually don’t brainstorm for ideas for this blog. They come automatically; like someone said, “My ideas usually don’t come at my writing desk, but in the midst of living.” So, I had a couple of things to write about and I was thinking which one to pick. Later I figured out that I was pretty much tired so I couldn’t really concentrate on writing any longer. So, I went to bed.

I know you have already guessed what happened next. I got two really cool (well, at least to me) ideas for this blog (too!).  That’s when another idea got stuck on my mind. An idea of writing about ideas coming down at my bed. 😛

Does anything like this happen to you? What do you usually do when you’re in your bed? Go to sleep soon? Turn on your iPod? Dream about something? Or be a good guy/girl and think about all the good and evil stuff you did on that day? 😛

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10 thoughts

  1. EXACTLY! My ideas usually come when I am off to sleep. Then so many thoughts start to come but next morning I am usually already too lazy to write them in blog, lol. You could say I’ve lost my inspiration. 😛


    1. He he 😛 I guess bed is a good source for brainstorming. I think it’s because when we try and force our brain, it kinda hangs. But when we really give our brain a break and put less pressure on it (when off to sleep), it works its best.

      Perhaps that’s the reason why Google offices have beds inside. 😀


  2. I try to do everything I can from my bed or at least from my bedroom. I read in bed (nothing unusual there) and write all my blogs and articles there. I mark all my student’s papers on it (as it is the only ‘desk’ that is big enough for me spread everything out) and all my musical instruments – including my sitar and tobla are in my room so I can hop from the bed to instrument to instrument. I would happily spend my life in my bed(room) if I could!


    1. Ha ha. “as it is the only ‘desk’ that is big enough for me spread everything out” you’re true about that. 😉

      Who wouldn’t want to happily spend the rest of his life in bed(room)? 😛


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