Some memories we gather throughout our lifespan is sweet and we like to remember them over and over again while some others, we like to forget. Regardless of what type of memory it is, at one point we start saying goodbyes to our memories — good and bad. And you only have 1 year until you start saying goodbyes to your memories!

The human memory is the largest memory ever created. It might not store as many documents and calculations as a 4 GB flash drive can, but it certainly stores a lot more data than any flash drive in the world can store. You know that the sky is blue, and that is a data stored on your brain. A child born years ago and has been kept in a locked room will not know how the sky looks like unless someone tells him or he sees it for himself. When he learns that sky is blue, it’s a data stored on his memory for lifetime.

Imagine counting yourself every simple information that you know of. You know that this is written in English language and this word, right here, is a little italic because you’re seeing this and your brain is storing it on your memory. While your brain does not necessarily store every data for a life time, there are some memories that we try to keep in our memories for as long as we live.

end of world 2012

Time goes on. Memories remain on our brain. We can relate to our memory saying that this happened today. Days later, we can say that this happened this week. Months later we can say that this happened this year. But when the year is over, well, we can no longer relate to it. Yesteryear sounds somewhat too far to relate to. That is why every one of us naturally remembers the memories that were stored in any year. In the end of a year, we recap the memories. We take time to think about the things that took place in the year. And then, we begin to hope for a better and happier future with the spirit of new year.

Throughout the year of 2012, which is at a few days’ distance, we will have so many memories. There will be memories that would make us cry. There will be memories that will make us laugh. Memories will see us getting together with our loved ones as well as watching our loved ones go forever. There will be good news on the opposite side of bad news.Β  And then, again, there will be an end.

We are at one year’s distance from the day when we’ll recall the things that would take place throughout the year of 2012. On December 2012, we will find ourselves remembering the stuff that happened to us throughout the year. We’ll be sorry to our dearest ones for being mean and forgetting everything that won’t do any good to us. In all essence, we will know that 2012 is going to be yet another year of history. A year mixed with joy and stress, happy and sad, emotions and excitement.

Just a year later, you’ll be prepared to say goodbye to all those memories 2012 would create as well as greet the new year of 2013 looking forward to make your life better, happier and healthier.

πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜†

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Just in case you didn’t understand because of your brain being too busy on anything else, I wrote this post as if we are saying goodbye to 2012, not 2011. With that said, this post actually needs to be published a year later. I’m just a year ahead in time. πŸ˜€

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