A friend of mine whose name is Alicia Elizabeth (an alias she prefers to use online) is right now in the middle of the river. And she’s making me recall all of my memories of being in the middle of the river in the middle of the night.

Just so you know, it’s 1.58 am over here.

My hometown is around B.Baria and Comilla district of the country. There are two ways we can reach there. One through bus; another in the water path. We usually go to our village through bus. However, sometimes we prefer to take a longer journey when we actually go for a journey by launch. Usually, launches from the Sadar Ghat (main terminal) of Dhaka depart for our district at 10.30 pm. So, whenever we preferred to take a longer journey and go to sleep while we move towards our village, we’d go the water way.

I have had launch journey for like 8 to 9 times so far. I can’t remember correctly. But I can sure remember the awesome feeling I had when the launch was in the middle of the river. My parents and I used to take a double-bed cabin in the launch. They wouldn’t sleep in the night though. I mostly overheard them discussing family and relative issues. I used to walk the entire launch, especially the back side of it where it had a large artificial garden (with real trees). It is an open space so the cool breeze of the middle of the river used to make me feel like heaven. Of course, it wasn’t a feeling like you see in Titanic. But it was somewhat like that.

In the late night, I would stay near the cabin besides the railing enjoying myself watching the river water as the launch leaves them behind and creates a wave in them. It is a feeling I don’t have language to describe (perhaps I have, in my mother tongue, but not in English, not yet.).

Alicia is right now enjoying a moment like this. She has left the city this evening in a launch and is now in the middle of the river. She’s a friend that I don’t know much about. Every now and then she knocks me on Gtalk and we’d talk for minutes. She showed up a couple of minutes ago which actually inspired me to write about the feeling I have right now. Of course, she’s a girl and is inside her cabin in the launch. If it was me, I would be exploring the launch and enjoying the cool breeze. Because I already have that experience, it’s lurking me right now.

I actually wanted to put a picture of this in this post, but I gave up the idea. It’s a moment, a scene, a feeling that no picture can describe. A picture might be worth of a thousand words. But a thousand pictures aren’t worth a single feeling unless you had that. I tried to use the best of my vocabulary in English to describe my feelings. I know I have failed. And you know it too.

Just when I write that it felt like heaven, you know that it can’t be described in words. We never felt heaven, did we?

8 thoughts

  1. Sounds really amazing to have all these experiences… I’ve been on ferrries and they just freak me out… im not a water person at all…

    by the way i love your header… very festive indeed 😛

    Happy New Year 🙂


    1. I don’t know swimming, still I like to be on launches and ships. 😛

      Thanks about the header, sad that you just spotted it although I had it for like a month now. 😦

      Happy New Year to you, too.


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