This past week has been incredibly cold in Dhaka. Well, don’t start comparing it with your minus twenty degree Celsius because that’s not we deal with over here. Compared to what we’re used to, the weather of the past couple of days had been very cold. It’s like you will give anything to avoid getting off your bed in the morning. I skipped my college three days in a row before finally forcing myself to go to college yesterday (it’s 12:xx am).

winter in bangladesh
This reminds me of the winter seasons I spent at my village. I so love being in village in winter season. It is just wonderful!

But I discovered something. I wasn’t surprised, but it made me wonder. It’s not that cold when you go outside. I went to college yesterday and did every little thing to avoid from ending up in parade ground (well, that’s another whole story, I’ll skip that). I felt the cold wave until about 9 or 10 am in the morning. As the sun rose up, it was sunny day and some of us were even sweating.

When I was coming back home in midday, I was kind of sweating, too. The sun was quite hot. But interesting part is, as soon as I stepped inside my home, cold wave struck me from all sides. It felt like I entered into a refrigerator. I wondered, how come our home is always so cold?

Ours is a tin-shed house and the house is surrounded by 5-storied buildings from all sides. We have a road in front of our main gate, but on the other side of the road is another 5-storied building. All these buildings’ shadows are on our home blocking the direct sunlight to our house. Above that, due to fogs dropping on top of our tin-made roof, the inner side of the home is always cold. So, no matter how hot it is outside, inside, it’s pretty cold.

That’s when I figured out it’s not so cold during the day. It’s just our house that’s so cold. Like I said, I skipped college for three days and spent the whole day at my room. I was freezing like being inside a refrigerator. Now I have figured out what the refrigerator is.

Let’s hope that I make it off the bed every morning so I don’t skip college anymore and I enjoy a sunny day. Note that I never enjoy sunny days as cloudy weather is my favorite. But I’d like sunny day because of the season being winter.

What’s your favorite type of day? A sunny one? A rainy day? Or just like me, a cloudy day with cool breeze but not in winter?

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      1. You’d feel differently if you lived here, with only around 6 hours of day… the rest being night… with no guarantee of seeing the sun at all during the day (if it’s cloudy or foggy).


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