I blacked out my entire day. Not in protest of SOPA/PIPA. The entire day I didn’t do anything. It’s like I wasted a day from my life. I didn’t plan to do it. It just happened that I had a blacked out day.

When you close your eyes, no matter how wealthy and powerful person you are, your world turns black, unless your face is under direct flashlight. πŸ˜›

With that said, I blacked out my day. πŸ˜‰ I didn’t feel like getting off my bed although I was awake in the morning. For the first time in a long time, I heard my mobile phone’s alarm at 6 in the morning which I miss every day. I don’t have college today. Fridays are weekends here in Bangladesh. So, I didn’t really have to hear the morning alarm. But I did. Tomorrow I need to wake up at 6 in the morning, but I know I won’t hear the alarm as usual.

When you need something, that doesn’t show up. When you don’t, it keeps popping up around you.

I had a dream or a nightmare given that I had that in the daytime sleep. I was given keys to a large NOAH car. I felt that I was in my college and one of my bosses left the car for me in the college parking ground. I didn’t know that I had the keys. The door was open and I got into the car knowing that it was boss’. After having a vision of driving the car around the city, I finally discovered that the I had the keys in my pocket. So, I ignited the car and got out of the parking lot.

Note that I know how to drive. I drove a car in a large field when I was like 14. But that was just a field. I know how to change gear, when to push the clutch and some basic stuff. Not that I know advanced driving as I haven’t “learned” driving from anyone. It was some basic idea.

So, in my daytime dream in my sleep, I used that basic knowledge and started driving. I felt that my heart was beating faster as I was fearing a hit with another car. If you’ve ever been to Dhaka, you’d know how jammy it is on the road. You need extraordinary driving skill to drive well in the streets of Dhaka. Otherwise, you’d end up killing a lot of people. That’s what happens actually, if you take a look at newspaper’s regularly.

Anyway, I ended up actually hitting another car’s trunk. πŸ˜› It wasn’t a big hit, but the car in front slipped. And unfortunately, a security guard was right there who came by my door and asked to step out. No wonder the next thing he’d ask would be my driving license. He could readily guess that I wasn’t a licensed driver as I was wearing college uniform.

Lucky for me though, I woke up; avoiding the obvious chance of tasting how it feels to be in police custody. πŸ˜›

After waking up, I was wondering why my heart rate was upbeat? Was that because I was driving despite not knowing how to drive properly or because I was involved in illegal activity?

To be fair, I was never involved in illegal activity. I did things that could lead me to troubles if caught, such as skipping schools and going elsewhere. πŸ˜› But those activities do not engage police. So, in my dream, I was involved in an illegal activity for the first time and probably that’s why I was worried.

No matter how brave you are, your body does show symptoms of your illegal, or bad, activity. Reason why polygraph test (lie detector) works.

Regarding polygraph test, or lie detector, I should say that it always depends on the person who’s examining the results. Different people have different symptoms of lying. So, you can’t really depend on humans to find out if a specific person is lying or not even with the physical reactions being recorded by a polygraph machine(s). Learn more about that here.

I think some of you have already started to think that I’m turning out to be a philosophical person. Well, not really. I was just thinking this evening that your everyday happenings can teach you a lot of things. Not necessarily all of them will be new. For this case, I learned one new thing, though from my dream, and two other things that I already knew.

It’s not hard to discover life. Sometimes, it’s fun to analyze your everyday life. You’ll often be amazed at things that you come across. Change the way you look into the relatively smaller things in your life, you’ll see charming effects.

inspirational quote

What did you do today?

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