This week I went out with a couple of my college friends for the first time, and the chosen place was Bashundhara City which is said to be the largest shopping complex in South Asia.

With a camera attached to a wide-angle lens I could take mind-blowing photographs of the complex because it’s really a great place. But that’s not why we went there. Our main reason was to buy some gift for my niece, eat some chicken fries and play pool billiard. However, we ended up playing pool and blessing ourselves with some fried chickens but no gift for my niece. I always find it difficult to come up with an idea for a gift. Since she’s only about 3 months, we thought it wouldn’t be a nice idea to buy her something like a doll or a cuddly teddy bear. Most of my relatives have bought her dresses, but I wanted to do something different. Turns out, at this moment, dress is the only thing I can buy for her.

But you know what, I suck at choosing dress. When I [rarely] go out for shopping, I have a tough time choosing shirts for myself. So, we figured that we need some female to help out at shopping for the baby girl. Therefore, our hangout at Bashundhara City was only for having fun, eating and playing pool billiard.

One of my friends and I went to the complex straight from the college, so I had my uniform on, while others came from home.

aminul islam sajib and rivu hossain

aminul islam sajib, rahman abir and rivu hossain

aminul islam sajib, rumman and rahman abir

Once we all gathered there, we checked out some smartphones at the ground floor. We were interested in Samsung Galaxy Y and a couple of Sony Ericsson Xperia smartphones. But we were hungry enough to skip checking out smartphones and escalate ourselves to the top floor’s food court.


rivu and rahman abir at bashundhara city

aminul islam sajib and rumman at bashundhara city

After having ourselves blessed with some fried chicken, rice, coleslaw and drinks, we headed to Pool Billiard, the main attraction for our visit to the complex.

aminul islam sajib and rahman abir at pool

aminul islam sajib and rivu hossain at pool

pool at bashundhara city

After playing pool for over an hour, we got out and started to think what should I buy for my niece. We wanted to play pool more, but two of our friends got bored so we had to get out of there. My friends suggested me that I should later come to the complex with some female relatives or friends because they’d know which dress to choose. Having agreed with them, we finally walked towards the elevator when we faced the Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol poster in front of Star Cineplex.

star cineplex

We would love to watch the film but the next show would start at 4.30 pm and we didn’t have that long time. So, we gave up the idea and went ahead towards the elevator when we spotted this.

bashundhara city star cineplex


So, then we headed to our home. It was a long journey back to our home, though. The traffic was like exploding although there was not a single bus that I could get on. It was too difficult for me to come back home.

So, for anyone reading this post, what do you think I should gift my niece? Although I decided to buy a dress, I’m still attracted to the idea of giving something else. What that could be?

13 thoughts

  1. A little dress or sleeper would be a great idea for your niece. Or you could get her something that she could use a little later, like a toy. Once she is 6 months old she would be able to sit up and play with it. Good luck shopping Sajib.


  2. Bashundhara City!!! I remember visiting it while I was visiting Dhaka…

    Btw, do you attend B.A.F. Shaheen? *sigh* It was the school I attended before leaving Dhaka. Both of my brothers graduated from Shaheen, and I love Shaheen!

    Good to see you got a chance to play pool! 🙂


      1. Haha, of course!

        I went to Shaheen for four years, and my brothers graduated from Shaheen! You may have known me/seen me there if you’re in the same class as Saif. Saif and I were really good friends back in Dhaka. Ask him about me! 🙂


  3. On the second picture the person with white T-shirt i guess i know him.
    His name’s maybe Saif, not sure. But he lives near Airport,Kawlar.His another friend is tipu, i know him well. Do you know him? We were student of same English teacher @ class 9-10. Teacher’s name Mr.Haradhon.


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