Some of the readers wondered when they came to know that all sorts of mobile phones, cameras and other electronic gadgets (excluding watches, given that it’s not so fancy) are barred in my college. I revealed the fact in an earlier post in this blog. However, many students do take their mobile phones regularly. I like to play it safe at college and I think I’m okay without my mobile phone for these 5 hours at college. So, I don’t take mobile phone or digital camera to college.

Last June, I got myself admitted into BAF Shaheen College Dhaka which is administered under the supervision of Bangladesh Air Force. The college is well-known for its strict discipline. You know the defense. Their first and foremost mantra is to stay disciplined.

My sister told me to make sure I take pictures at the college premises with my friends and teachers because these memories are something that can’t be compared to anything else in the future. Like I said, mobile phones and cameras are forbidden inside the college. But sometimes, everything is allowed.

January marks annual sports day and prize giving ceremony in all schools and colleges across the country. Ours is no different. Starting from late January, athletic competitions, parade and other sports events took place with the final ceremony on February 2nd, 2012. These days, you could take literally any gadget inside the college.

I wasn’t sure at first. A couple of classmates and I were inside the classroom during roll call when I decided to take out my camera and ask the teacher for a pose. I wasn’t sure if he’d be mad at me. Luckily, he posed for me. Funny thing is, as soon as my camera was appreciated, all the other students took out their digital cameras or mobile phones to take the photo!

sukumar sir at uranus on baf shaheen college dhaka
That is our class teacher, Sukumar sir, inside our classroom. The name of our section is Uranus, as seen in the board in the back.

Here are a couple of more photos taken in front of our classroom.

uranus at baf shaheen college dhaka batch 2013

uranus at baf shaheen college dhaka batch 2013
That’s me with class teacher, my friend Pratik and second captain Faisal in the back.

baf shaheen college dhaka batch 2013

It’s Kuddus sir in the photo above. He doesn’t take any classes in our section. He’s the class teacher of the next door classroom, Lapili. Usually he’s a bit scary. I mean, students are afraid of him. So, I can confirm that it took guts to ask him for a photoshoot!

Now, some of us! ๐Ÿ˜‰

baf shaheen college dhaka batch 2013

In the college ground, we were wondering who else we could ask for a photoshoot with us. That’s when we spotted Saiful sir roaming around the ground.

baf shaheen college dhaka batch 2013 saiful sir
Saiful sir – favorite for being ‘one of the few teachers who understand young generation!’

Saiful sir is popular as being one of the few teachers who understand young generation; if you know what I mean. He’ll make a lot of fun in the classroom. But at times, he’s quite hard with study and discipline. You know, the kind of sir you can be easy with. Our class teacher has kind of same friendly attitude, though. But the fact that Saiful sir is younger than our class teacher naturally makes him closer to today’s young generation — that’s us!

Not to mention the Taruddyan, or the garden in our college, is the one that holds so many memories of anyone who has passed from this college. Ask any ex-shaheen (students who study here are called Shaheen, which stands for Eagle. You can guess why they put an Eagle on the monogram of the Air Force.), they’ll tell you of the memories they have with this Taruddyan.

baf shaheen college dhaka parade 2012
Parade and Flight Commanders getting ready.

This photo above was taken right before the parade started. You can see the parade commander and flight commanders were getting ready for the parade. I took this photo in full focal length from the farthest side of the field, and then cropped it out. So, sorry for the bad quality. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

baf shaheen college dhaka batch 2013
Warm-up session before the parade started.

This photo, too, was shot during the warm-up session. Notably, the parade started about two weeks ahead of the final day. The authority made sure everyone knew parade movement well before presenting it to the high officials of Bangladesh Air Force.

baf shaheen college dhaka
Monogram of Bangladesh Air Force.

Look at the photo above, doesn’t it look like I took it from a close position? Not really. See the photo directly above it.ย  It was above our head. I had to go full focal length to capture this photo. I didn’t come up with this result immediately. To make sure all the little scratches and dirt appear, I had to go through a bit of Photoshop editing. And then I came up with this, which turned out to be my favorite photograph of the day!

So, that was a little bit inside our college. To complete the story, I need lots more pictures because there are so many more things, including the Sun Clock, to cover. We’ve got until 2013. Maybe someday in the future we’ll get such open opportunity to take pictures, again. ๐Ÿ™‚

Which one of the photos above did you like most?

11 thoughts

    1. You’re right about him. Our class teacher has damn fine smile whenever he gets in front of the camera (just discovered this that day). Check all three photos of him. He has brought out his natural smile! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Handsome, and me? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Um, not really. ๐Ÿ˜›

      But in terms of “good reflection of me,” ๐Ÿ˜› I think the one with Saiful sir (on the very left) shows me better. ๐Ÿ˜‰ What do you think?


  1. Initially, I found the first picture the best: I liked how Mr. Sukumar smiled genuinely for the camera, all formally dressed ๐Ÿ™‚

    Then I saw the second-to-the-last picture, which I thought were two pictures, and I was like “wow” nice framing!


    1. Actually, I didn’t have that in mind. When I took the photo and pressed the view button, I figured that I had captured something wonderful. To interpret the frame, we have red and green color on the top left and right corners that represent the country’s national flag with Bangladesh Air Force’s monogram in the middle. Right below that, a parade in Air Force’s college.

      However, I thought it’d be too complex for general people to get that frame so I was expecting someone with extensive knowledge in photography, someone like you, to comment on that before I do. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Speaking of Sukumar sir, he still blows my mind! I mean, not everyone can smile like that!

      Thank you!


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