This is a rare thing that I open up Add New Post panel without having something specific on my mind. This passing week I’ve had so many thoughts and happenings that I actually lost track of writing it. Some of you might find it odd that I try to write stuff that take place in my life, but I really enjoy doing it. Life is too dull if you don’t do things that you enjoy unless it’s taking a lot of valuable time. With all those happenings, I figured that I would just be simpler and write none of those at this point.

The past few days have been extremely busy for me. I’ve got a new ongoing job at oDesk and it’s keeping me real busy. I love the administrative work so I don’t really feel bored or tired when working. They say when you’re busy, you have less time to think about stuff that make you sad. To my surprise, I noticed that even when I’m busy as hell (Lots of people doing lots of sins so it must be busy in hell!), I don’t forget the stuff that make me depressed and sad. Yes, I do enjoy my work. That’s why I accept the jobs. But keeping my brain in something else doesn’t really prevent me from remembering that.

Well, I should make it clear that I’m not trying to run away from that specific thing. In fact, despite making me sad, it’s also keeping me up, running and going.

Sometimes your dreams that don’t have a sign of coming true haunt you, still you stick to it and believe from the inner part of yourself that, no matter how unlikely it is to happen, your dream will one day come true!

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  1. I believe that I share a similar experience with you. Lately, I have been wondering whether it is all worth whatever I am doing.


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