studying hardMost students in the world have a common problem. They think studying is hard, specially when the exams are around.

Even worse, despite it being the largest common problem in the world, it has no solution to date. You have to study no matter what (possibly unless a Zombie Apocalypse takes place?).

I have an exam to attend in a little more than 5 hours from now. It’s on “Bangla Literature,” the subject most students hate. I’ve studied for past few hours and still wondering why I can’t just concentrate on the book. Dude, it’s literature! It’s mostly stories and stuff. I’m not a bookworm but I do love reading stories. Still, I can’t concentrate just because it’s part of my study. The fact that I’m having to read the book because I have an exam to attend has killed all my interest to read the book.

For the record, my first year final exams are going on and to be promoted to the second and final year of intermediate study, I have to pass each subject.

I’ve been thinking for the past half an hour why is it so hard to study? I mean, ask anyone and they’ll agree that studying is hard. But I’ve got a couple of stories to read and I don’t find any interest in them just because I’m studying. I mean, why is that? Why is it so hard to study? πŸ˜•

Off-topic: Rinth apu and I was having a hypothetical conversation yesterday and we both discovered that we are experiencing temporary downtime of some of our senses because of the ongoing exams. Just when I logged in to write this post, I noticed she also wrote about the exams and how hard it is during the time. I’d show it as yet another proof that studying is dead hard. 😐

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  1. I’m finding it hard to study because I’ve been out of formal education for four years and trying to get back into the right mindset is really difficult, and that to the stress of holding down a job, paying bills, keeping my home in order and the up coming exams, it all adds up so it’s no wonder I can’t study.


    1. But I’ve been in the education continuously and still I find it hard. And not just me, ask any student out there and they’ll agree. Why on earth it’s the same to everyone in the world? πŸ˜•


      1. Once I get into the right mindset I’m fine. I love to learn. My problem is getting into the right mindset I guess. Though forcing myself to study for about an hour then rewarding myself with a short break, say like a race on wipeout or enough time to check email makes studying just that little bit more bearable when your head isn’t in the right place.


  2. I have a solution and it will come out when I get a book published (or publish it myself) later this year…. ( ). I use it with my own students and have developed it over the last four years. When it is fully formulated it will mean that any student following my system will not need any special revision time before any exam and will be able to recall all data they have learned immediately and with ease. Yep, it is THAT good! πŸ™‚


    1. Cool! You are planning to publish it in Bangladesh? Let me know of it’s availability.

      Thanks for letting me know. πŸ™‚ I’d love to try that out. Still so many years ahead to keep studying. 😦


    1. I think the book needs to be purchased before I can read it, right? I don’t have a credit card so I can’t really get it now.

      Don’t suggest me anything for literature because that’s just one subject (out of 12 we have to study). πŸ™‚


  3. Stories?! You’re lucky! If I had to study stories I wouldn’t have a problem studying, as long as it’s only fiction.

    It is hard to study, but the problem I face more is that it takes time. There are people who understand things at once, but for me it takes a lot of time. I can spend hours on the one and the same exercise and I still don’t feel any wiser than when I started. And I think the patience becomes strenuous and the dread for how long it’s gonna take to finish scares me.

    Hahah that’s funny how are senses are numbed cuz of exam period xD. Best of luck with your finals :)!!


    1. Huh! It’s not always stories. You know about Bangla 1st Paper? That’s what I’m talking about. No luck here. 😦

      I think you are right. My mom says if I had spent more time in studying, I’d be a really great student. I don’t know if I should believe her. But the fact that I passed all the subjects in half yearly (mid-term) exam just by studying the night before exam makes me somewhat think so. πŸ˜›


  4. I’ve exams coming up in November and for the life of me I can’t get into the books! The subject is biology and I count it as one of my favourite subjects but that doesn’t make it any easier. Oh well, what can we do?


    1. You’re right, actually! English is my favorite subject but that doesn’t make studying English books any easier. Still the only thing I can do is study. 😦


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