couple in street

Sometimes you dream. You dream of someone you care. Someone you walk with down the empty road in a heavenly afternoon. The nature helps you out by flowing cool breeze across the street that takes her hair in your face, and you love it. She repeatedly takes her hair back but in your mind you want it to come back and touch your face again. You hesitate, whether or not you should touch and hold her hands. When you touch softly, she reads your minds, smiles at you, and grabs your hand like she just locked you up.

Some people are extremely lucky to have experienced such moments. Others, still waiting for this to happen, imagine the moments and cherish the dream with utmost care and love.

But when she literally goes out with someone else, after breaking up or even before falling in love with you, suddenly your dream changes the cast. Your dreams come back haunting you. You find yourself as a stranger staring at her from behind as she holds down the other man’s hand and enjoys the cool, romantic breeze together.

That’s what I’m talking about. The girl does not necessarily have to be with you for real. Dreams are legal. You don’t need to be in a relationship to cherish a dream with her. And with or without knowing that you love her, she may be with someone else.

The once sweet and lovely dream then becomes painful and heartbreaking. Yet, some people keep dreaming. Is it because the dream keeps them alive and gets them going? Or it’s just a meaningless way to tell the heart that ‘everything will be okay?’

[Image courtesy: Edited by me]

3 thoughts

  1. interesting question i was actually running from since quite a long!!!
    i think painting that dream red when she was with you and painting it grey when she went off with someone else is actually an insult to this dream itself!!!
    yes it feels bad when she goes away with someone else… but why must we taint memories??
    you knw a heard a story during the caste riots in my state.. two families of different castes (i dont find it necessary to name let me call them A n B) lived like great neighbours until riots broke off… now huge group of A came searching 2 kill B family.. at that time B family tried reviving all gud festivals A n B had spent together.. these memories did not let A harm B!! that is the power of memories!!!

    as far as dreams are concerned, they are the reason we leave our beds enthuastically each day!! they are the reasons of our life… it is totally unfair to taint a memory or dream because of someone else!!!

    great blog!!!!


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