I think this is how they write breaking news.

I was communicating with one of my clients through a virtual headquarter (Apollo HQ) when the electricity went off. It’s termed as load-shedding so I wasn’t surprised at the power cut at 11.30 at night. Luckily, I was at my laptop so it didn’t cause me any loss. When I finished, electricity wasn’t back. The weather was warm so I decided to take a little nap. I left the laptop open, put it aside my bed and tried to go to sleep.

I believe it wasn’t more than 5 minutes until this weird and rather scary nightmare began. I saw myself standing in a crowd. I don’t know why I was there, but I felt like I was there for a reason. Suddenly a well-suited guy came up and said that he had a job for me. I should follow him if I was interested.

Now, in marketplaces like oDesk, clients can invite contractors for their job. I often receive job invitations and I promptly respond. But all this is virtual. I wouldn’t be going to people’s house if they call me up and say that they have a job for me. But in the nightmare, apparently that’s what I did. And it seemed pretty okay.

I followed the guy into a large house. As far as I can remember, I entered the big house and there were lots of people, mostly servants I believe, working here and there. The guy led me to a big room which I believe was the drawing room of the house. Inside, a big man was seated in a large sofa. He had black beard, lamp-black in his eyes, and was chewing something. To give you a clearer picture, he looked like those religious godfathers you see in today’s Hindi films.

As soon as I was led in the room and the door was closed behind me, I felt the horror and realized the mistake I had made. He told me to sit down and continued saying that the people who are perfect for specific work can be recognized by their outlook. I can clearly remember the phrase but I couldn’t relate it to anything then.

I can’t remember the conversation afterwards. But I remember when he came close to me and was trying to do something with me. I couldn’t figure out what it was, but my senses alerted me of something bad so I wanted him to stay off me. Soon I discovered that I was in a silent fray with him and apparently I had no way to stop him.

The room was full of many showpieces so I was looking for something strong, strong enough to cause bleeding in the back of his head. There were plenty of such stuff around. But at that time of anxiety, nothing seemed appropriate to me. Finally I managed to pick up something without his consent and hit him in the back of his head. He fell down but I realized the attack wasn’t strong enough to make him unconscious. So, I kept trying.

In all books I read and movies I watched, I noticed that at moments like this, victims become incredibly hulky and often beat the exploiter to death. But in my case, everything seemed opposite. I was feeling so exhausted and weak in my first chance that my attacks did not have any effect on him. However, I finally managed to beat him. There was blood all around the floor and I had a feeling that I just committed the first murder in my life.

I knew what was about to happen. Cops would be there and they’ll figure out who did this. And eventually I will end up in prison. But at that moment, what I had in mind was to escape. Everything else would come later. First, I have to escape.

That was the time lights came back above my eyes and I woke up from the terrible 5-minute nightmare.

Most of the time we term ‘scary nightmare’ when we see something really supernatural or accidents/danger. Sometimes we see us getting bitten by snake, eaten by predators and so on. But today I figured, just like the message The Mist conveys, the scariest thing is in human being. I already knew it. But this little nightmare just added one more dimension to it.

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  1. A psychoanalyst would have a wonderful time analysing THAT dream Bhai! I used to have a recurring dream that I had murdered someone and buried the body but forgotten that I had done it. I would wake up in cold sweat horrified that I could have done that and also scared that the police would soon find the corpse. I would take a few minutes before I would realise the whole thing had been a nightmare. I had it on and off for many years. I hope this nightmare of yours doesn’t do the same! 🙂


    1. I can totally understand how it feels. I often have such dreams which leave an impact on me even when I’m awake. It’s like my heart keeps beating fast and I’m terrified because of whatever happened in my nightmare. But murdering someone is the first time in this nightmare I had.


  2. Nightmares can be awful, especially recurring or the ones that cling to your mind even when you’re back to the land of consciousness. A very good book I read about the science of sleep was George Christos ‘Memory and Dreams’, it cuts out the superstitious waffle and cuts straight to the scientific theories behind the function fo sleep and the reaosn for dreams…..spurrious memories, synaptic links and impulses etc. It’s really a fascinating read you should try it 🙂


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