google april fools day prank
Over the next four weeks, more than a thousand Big Red kangaroos will be equipped with a 360-degree head camera that will automatically capture images when the marsupial is on the move during daylight hours. -- Google Australia

No other company seems to have as much sense of humor as Google has. The company, best known for its simplicity, sleek design and innovative concept, often takes time (and a heck of a work) just to amaze and have fun with its users. This April Fool was no different. Although I kept a big countdown on my blog’s sidebar just to keep myself remembered that “April Fool is around, don’t be fooled,” Google managed to make me believe a couple of its projects that can only be possible by Google (8-Bit map on Nintendo really had me there!).

If you’re having a rather rough day or you’re going through a lot of work pressure, or simply stressed out, let’s have some geeky laugh with Google’s real-world projects which wouldn’t be so bad if took place for real.

The YouTube Collection

How big is your house to store all the videos from YouTube?

Now you should understand how big your little computer is!

Chrome Multitask Mode

You find yourself fighting with your better half over single computer at home? The fight is over.

Try Chrome Multitask Mode now.

Google Maps 8-Bit

Have a Nintendo Entertainment System from the old time? Breathe life into it and let your kids know what’s where around the world.

Just so you know, the web version of Google Maps really went retro with 8-Bit pictures of all over the globe.

Google Fiber

Need to stay fit and be the best in what physical activity you do? Google Fiber should be available in the nearest store. No physician’s prescription is necessary.

Gmail Tap

For all the hardcore texters out there, this is actually pretty cool. Just like Morse code, you can type all 26 letters with just two buttons (or taps), dot and dash.

gmail tap code

Amazing, isn’t it?

These pranks were all over the Internet, mostly on Twitter, fooling people. I seem to have been fooled multiple times this year as I logged on to Mashable only to see that its founder Pete Cashmore were kicked out by some Conan O’Brien and has put his name next to Mashable’s logo making the entire site’s color changed into orange. It wasn’t until I read the comments where they said it was April Fools!

Footnote: For controversial history of April Fools, the day isn’t celebrated in Bangladesh by any person or organizations. They have this weird story of people fooling some Muslims into a mosque and burning them to death. This has prevented people in Bangladesh from making widespread prank on April Fools. I’ve conducted some online research on the origin of April Fools Day but couldn’t find something similar. In any case, I don’t think occasional laugh is that bad. If you know what’s the real deed, please let me know.

One thought

  1. Hahahhaha Chrome Multitask lol… the cursors keep growing in numbers!

    A relative of mine posted the Wikipedia link about April’s Fool on Facebook with the comment that apparently that story isn’t true. I haven’t researched myself so I don’t know.


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