The Hangover was said to be the most hilarious movie of all time. I’m not sure if the phrase is correct, but I sure did laugh and was nearly rolling on the floor while The Hangover was being played on my computer screen.

And a lot of other viewers did the same.

That’s why the sequel, The Hangover Part II was much anticipated. I know it’s been a while since the movie was released. But no review is too late to be written. I watched The Hangover Part II last night and here’s what I have to say about it.

the hangover part 2

The Hangover II follows the story of its predecessor in the same layout. The three best friends go out for a bachelor party and “it happens again!” The movie opens with Phil calling his wife and saying that it happened again. He admits that they were in bigger problem then last time. And then the movie starts the story keeping the question “how it happened” on viewers’ mind.

Like I already said, The Hangover II follows the same layout of The Hangover. The movie has some hilarious dialogue as well as happenings. Throughout the movie, Alan plays a role of pissing everyone off. But he will make you LYAO (as opposed to LMAO) with his stupid simple character and childishness.

Stu, the dentist, along with his soon-to-be wife’s little brother and the other best friends wake up in a room just like you see in The Hangover. The music in the background makes you realize in an instant that it happened again. And when Alan says to Phil, “I think it happened again,” you’re sure it did.

The movie, after the mystery resolves, ends with Stu and Lauren getting married. There’s also a surprise appearance of a rapper at the end of the film. But that’s not really the end. After the marriage ceremony is over and everyone is relaxing, Stu’s wife’s little brother who went missing comes back to show some really fu-ked up pictures from the mysterious last night.

And you guess what happened then. All the craziest rated R snapshots describing what went down the line!

Bottom Line

The movie itself isn’t that of a great story if you expected something more. I think The Hangover was better because while watching that, you didn’t know what to expect next. But in The Hangover Part II, you know what to expect and you exactly get that.

If you want some time off your stressed time and want some fresh humor, I recommend The Hangover Part II.

2 thoughts

  1. I am not sure I agree with your bottom line. The Hanger Part ll is a bit like American Pie. We all know what we paid to see and that we get. Still, I laughed at it, found it very amusing and therefore was just happy they didn’t really surprise us. Sometimes, it’s better to get what you expect than to be surprised.


  2. Good review! I’m there with you on this I think the Hangover II, was more like a remake of the first. There wasn’t much freshness in this movie, which was a disappointment for me. I happened to watch it a few times with my brother, who wanted to see if it was any good. I use my Blockbuster @ Home feature to stream right to my iPad. I can rent TV shows and games to get an enhanced entertainment experience. This works better than putting in a DVD and pressing play. I’m glad my coworker from DISH told me about this feature.


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