I know, it wasn’t ticket’s fault. But most of the people who had what was thought to be “luck” to buy these tickets back then ended up with a fate that we, one hundred years later, still mourn and remember.

tickets of the titanic

The historic story of Titanic needs no description to anyone. Almost everyone with the littlest bit of knowledge knows what Titanic was and what happened to it and over thousand of passengers on board. But not everyone probably knows that today, 14th April 2012, marks 100th anniversary of Titanic’s fate. On 14th April 1912, the ship hit an iceberg in the middle of Atlantic at 11:40 pm (local time of ship’s position GMT-3). The hit was so strong that she sank into the ocean causing 1,514 passengers accept an unavoidable fate, the result of which still lies under the Atlantic Ocean.

titanic in atlantic ocean
Titanic's wreckage in Atlantic. Image from Google Maps.
titanic in atlantic
Wreckage of the front part of the Titanic. Image from Google Maps.

To know more about Titanic and its history, you can always look up on our best source of free information, Wikipedia.

An opinion: I think we all should still thank James Cameron because his heart-touching film is what made many more people not only aware of the ship’s fate but also made us realize by our heart how agonizing the fact is. So, Thank You James! Not to mention, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet who brought the character as well as the story live and made us feel like we’re watching a real story which, who knows, perhaps really happened.

You can’t tell if there was a couple who fell in love among 2,223 people who boarded Titanic, can you?

Share what you think was the most touching with Cameron’s Titanic film.

4 thoughts

    1. The love story was made up but that’s mostly what touched the viewers’ heart. And who knows perhaps there indeed was a love story a century ago!


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