This isn’t a review website, but Wattpad is something I think I got to share with you.

Everyone loves joining a community. Even the ones who don’t like to talk that much. If someone has interest in something, he is sure to like to hang out and communicate with people who have similar interest. I always find myself in trouble when I’m in the middle of people or friends who are talking about stuff that knows no bound. I’ve seen friends and folks who can interact and keep talking regardless of what the topic of the conversation is. They can even start one if silence wants to crawl in. But I’m just the opposite. Unless you’re talking about something I’m passionate in, you’ll find me nodding and staying silent. And if silence is already there, I suck at breaking it.

wattpad - write your story or read for free

Talking about communities and interacting with like-minded people, let’s say you’re a reader who likes to read a lot of fiction. You may have read many famous titles by published authors, but there are always talented people in the crowd who never get published. Thankfully, the Internet has opened many opportunities. Many websites are taking advantage of it and giving readers and new writers a way to connect. I’ve got a similar website that’s called Wattpad. If you love reading stories, and optionally if you ever want to write one, I highly recommend that you check it out.

In a nutshell, Wattpad is a place for writers to write and publish their stories. The site neatly categorizes stories that make it stupid easy to browse through the archive. Since there are over thousands of stories to read, there are obviously readers as well. Sure enough, not every reader is a writer, but readers who are also writers can be friends (fans, to be more exact in terms of the site) with you if you write a story and they like it. On the other way, if you read someone’s story and like it enough to get to know him/her personally, you can log in and be a fan. You can even chat with that person just like you do on Facebook.

After spending a good few hours on the network, I’m extremely pleased and convinced. You really should at least check the site once. You can browse through the archive by genres, popularity, tag, and a few criteria. You can then add books to your reading list, which you can create upon registration, read books at your convenient time and place, comment on every page and be a fan of the writer to follow his/her future stories.

On the other hand, if you’re a writer, you can publish your story chapter by chapter whenever you want. You just need to have some type of activity on the site. Nothing fancy, just regular activities such as commenting on others’ stories and becoming fans of those whose writing gives you pleasure. This will expose your existence on the site if you know what I mean.

So, here are the things that I liked most about the site:

  • Nice and easy-to-use user-friendly interface.
  • Not just the ability to connect with other readers and writers, but the already active (wildly active) community who actually do read and interact. Not everyone is busy promoting their content, there are dedicated readers.
  • All books totally free of cost.
  • Ability to read books on the go — on iPad, Android, iPhone, or low-priced Java phones which I didn’t expect at all (now my regular Samsung Champ handset has Wattpad app on it).

I’ve noticed some people saying that it’s actually better in some way than Amazon’s Kindle experience. The only thing that Wattpad lacks is the great titles by published authors. You won’t get them here. But you will definitely get a lot of great stories written by people like you and me. And you can read them from anywhere.

If you’re convinced enough to create an account and start reading stories, be sure to connect with me by becoming a fan of me. That doesn’t really sound nice. I’m not a celebrity. But I guess that’s just a word. I’d rather say follow me on Wattpad. Sounds cleaner and gentler, doesn’t it? 😉

7 thoughts

  1. My sister’s on the site as well; I haven’t checked it out but it seems like a great outlet for flexing the writing muscles.


  2. I freaking love wattpad!!!! Its amazing, some of those stories are just incredible. Some are really bad though. I am actually addicted to it, there are others like fictionpress and fictionwise. A lot of the authors on these sites then migrate to an independent publishing site called smashwords which is really good, books are cheap too! Do you write on wattpad? I’ll look out for you. I’m not a regular browser any more, in the early days, about last year I was always on it. Now I follow only one story regularly from about my previous 30 of last year. Ahh who knows, I have been meaning to check it out again.


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