Everyone wants to be happy. Most complain not to have it. A few always look for it. And fewer actually have it.

Now the question is, where is happiness and how do I achieve it?

Although I’m no expert in any field that is considered relevant enough to define happiness, I’ve got my opinion on what it is and I’d like to share it with you. Happiness isn’t something that you can chase down the road, call in back up and air support, box it in and then eat it. It’s actually more than that. Or less than that, if I might say. Because happiness, my friends, is just a feeling. It’s a mental state.

Why do you think some people are not happy despite having almost everything — or more than they need — while some others are happy with just a small hut to live in? It’s the feeling that you should search for. No wonder that you can cheat yourself by pretending to be happy, which is something I always do. But in the end, it keeps you happy. Imagine that, pretending to be happy makes you actually happy. Well, technically speaking it may not, but what benefit do you get when you don’t feel happy, instead you’re all tensed, anxious, exhausted, disappointed and rude with everything?

I don’t think there is any.

So, the bottom line of this post is, happiness is a feeling that you need to make yourself from within. Nobody is happy. We tend to believe that we will be happy once we get all the things we need. But it is scientifically proven that human want never ends. The more you get, the more you want. So, it’s always best to stay happy and pursue whatever it is that you’re after.

From what I’ve learned so far, go for your dream, not your happiness. It’s already there. You can’t find happiness anywhere; not even in the middle of your shining career. Happiness is always with you. Learn to feel it. You can make yourself happy from the very little things in life. No matter how much pain you have in your heart, just like me, you’ll be actually happy. More or less, happiness matters.

Again, I’m not an expert to say this. But I’m just sharing my opinion. Agree or disagree, please let me know in the comments. Like this? Share with your friends and leave a comment as well. Your comments and feedback always inspire me to write up the next post. 🙂

26 thoughts

  1. u’re right.. no matter how crazier or impossible your dream is its the best feeling when u’re living for ur dreams :)…..almost everyone of us more or less pretends to be happy..bt prentending is never an wise act.u’ll only lost urself by pretending..though some people just never stop pretending :P…… i dont know if i am going off topic here
    anyways ..someone broke the silence 😛


  2. r English has really improved over the… months (I don’t think I’ve been following you for a year yet, have I?). You’re doing great… keep it up!

    And this post is awesome :)! I’m glad that you’re keeping yourself together despite everything that’s going on in your life. This is how you show an example to people :).


    1. Thanks. That’s a great news to me, actually, if my English has improved. 🙂

      And thanks for the inspiring words although not too many people seem to be seeing the example. 😛


  3. Great post; really liking your train of thinking here.

    There’s a lot to say about happiness, and practically anybody these days may speak as if they’re an expert on happiness (like yours truly here… hehe:), but here’s what I’d like to add:

    Learned expectation management: sounds like a business school theory, but what it essentially say (I think) is that there is a gap between human aspirations and what reality is being reflected at them. In order to progress (a defined change which should be measurable, IMO), one should look at the expectation one has of himself, look at the limitations to his actions, see the pros and cons of realizing the expectation in reality, and then carry out the necessary actions to achieve that.

    Most people (myself included) make the mistake of dreaming too much, instead of acting upon those dreams in defined steps. Dreaming is fine, but it carries with it the danger of inflating expectation and removal from reality.

    Having said that, I don’t advocate being absolutely realistic; it can be exhausting if one’s human aspirations are not met for too long (and we have too many [insert sarcasm] ‘realistic’ people in this country anyway).

    Here’s what it boils down to for me; tempering oneself to deal with reality and to pursue dreams/expectations (in line with reality, but not submitting to it’s condition).

    Or I could just pretend to be happy about it…


    1. Thank you very much for adding your valuable input on this. I agree with you. Dreaming has no boundaries but if one really wants to achieve something, they need to dream responsibly. 😛 But like I said about happiness, I think that has to do with how you’re feeling today. If you’re not sick and you didn’t have an accident today, there’s no reason not to be happy despite the fact that it could be fake, like you said, pretending.


  4. Love the post, I am thinking the same way and totally agree with you! Thanks for your thoughts, they made me feel happy 🙂


  5. Yep I think you have it right here Sajib – chasing after the next thing you ‘need’ will never bring happiness – it has to come with self-contentedness. One of the things I worry most about life in Bangladesh is seeing so many chasing the “American dream” as they see it on the TV. The Western selfishness is invading the country even into the remote villages where there has always been so much contentedness in life.


  6. As we all know, Life can be hard and sad….but I think there is always something to be happy about. Even if it seems like their is no light ahead of you. I seem to find something to be happy about every day. It could be as simple as being thankful for my two dogs or going outside and looking at the stars. I believe that If you try and find a simplicity to happiness, it could be achieved on a regular basis. ***Great Blog***Awesome writing***Thanks for the visit :0)


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