A few years ago, I used to maintain a blog with the primary purpose of making money out of it. Blogging for money is a trend that has been wildly popular in the web world for past few years. It’s still hot out there. If you do a Google search, you’ll see a lot of people are active in this ‘business’ and some of them are really making true money from advertising programs such as AdSense by Google.

I tried that, but I didn’t have much luck. I did make some money, but the amount wasn’t really worth the time I had to spend. Also, my AdSense account was banned for no obvious reason. I filed an appeal, but Google continued to say that I violated the terms of the program by clicking the ads on my blog. I was like, what the hell! Why on earth would I take that stupid risk? But Google is Google. Although their motto says “Don’t be Evil,” they are the largest and the most powerful evil out there that you can’t really do anything to.

So, I stopped AdSense, but my blog was still active until another disaster took place. I forgot to renew my domain and as a result of that I lost the domain completely. I believe I have a back up, but starting a new blog with a new domain takes a lot of efforts. So, I backed off and started writing for others’ blogs.

Now, let’s come to the point.

In blogging business, they call this “Call-to-Action” which can be a style of writing that prompts readers to perform an act. This is usually leaving a comment, downloading a free ebook, or simply purchasing a product. This call to action is a very tough thing and I always sucked at doing this.

Now, blogging at WordPress.com is somewhat similar. Here, we call to action and the action is to get the readers write a comment or share on social media. My primary goal is to get readers leave a comment. I’ve got over hundred of followers and I have barely two or three comments on each post. Let’s say only half of those followers are active on WordPress.com. So, I should get a minimum of 25 (even half of those active followers) on each post, right?

Yeah, sounds fun. But that’s not what actually happens.

I’m here in no money-making blog and I find it difficult to perform call-to-action. Though you may see two ads on the header and the sidebar; trust me, business blogs have a lot more ads and links for you to digest.

What I wanna tell you all is that please take a moment to leave a comment. I know you’re reading. I know there is something on your mind as soon as you finish reading a post I write. But you just navigate away or at most click the Like button without actually saying something. It’s already a great pleasure and honor to see that you’re following my personal journal. But if you could just take a few more moments after reading my posts, to write a comment, I will appreciate it more than you think.

Oh, and by the way, this is the 200th post on this blog. 🙂

17 thoughts

  1. Congratulations on the 200th post, Sajib! Sorry to hear about your “experience” with Google. I never intended to make money from my blog, but it happened (not that I’m complaining, lol). Your honest approach on various subjects make your posts worth reading.


    1. Yeah, I got over with that, though. Making money from Google’s AdSense requires a lot of extra work than just writing.

      Thanks for commenting by the way. While I can’t judge my own writings, I can sure tell that there is something on readers’ minds at the end of every post. I just want them to write it down in the comments. I guess this is not too much to ask. 🙂


  2. This call-to-action phenomenon- is it just an online thing, or does it translate to real world effects.

    I ask because though the internet has become a huge part of daily rituals/habits, there’s still a majority of people who (I think) don’t take what’s online seriously.

    I mean, come on- it is the Internet; and the big boys have most of the playing field covered by now (i.e. Google, Amazon, Facebook).

    BTW, check out some of the writings of a favorite author of mine- Douglas Rushkoff (media theorist).


    1. I think it does have real life effects. And it’s pretty old. What happens when you walk into a store to buy stuff? The salesman is always busy with his words in ‘call-to-action’ where the action is to get you convinced to buy that stuff. This is just one example of that.


      1. I think a little clarification is in order:

        From online>offline – an example would be flash mobs, the Arab Spring protests etc.

        That’s what I meant by translating ‘online’ call-to-action to real-world events.

        Specifically, does it happen in our part of the world?

        BTW- can we exchange blogroll’s that each of us follows? I think it’d be good to know what the other person’s reading.


        1. Oh, sorry, my bad.

          You seriously don’t know if that happens in our part of the world? Man we suck at blogging compared to how much active the Bangla blogging community is. Talk about somewherein…blog; they go out to streets and often draw media attention to various issues (recently the issue of two journalists being killed). Bangla blogging community is wildly active and these call-to-action do take people out of their homes.

          I don’t have a blogroll yet as you can see but I’ll try to make one.


  3. Woo hoo! Congrats on your 200th post! 🙂 I thought about trying to make money off my bogs, but I struggled to find the time needed to devote enough time and energy to make it work so I backed off. For now. Hopefully, I’ll try again down the road.



  4. Sometimes a person can’t relate to all of the stuff one is writing, so that’s why maybe they read but don’t make any comment. Sometimes it’s out of lazyness..Recently I have also started to practise to leave more comments on my friends blogs, so they would know that I am constantly reading their blog. If I will get a better connection in Estonia, I would be able to leave even more comments, haha. Right now I’m just checking the minimum of my stuff cause of the low speed…. 🙂


    1. You’re right. Sometimes this can happen. But I think that’s a rare case. I write quite in stupid English so everyone should be able to relate to what I’m saying. In most cases, I believe it’s the laziness that takes a reader away without leaving a comment.


      1. Yea i think mostly laziness…. But don’t worry… I don’t have nearly as many comments like you do, haha, so I am a bigger loser on that field. 😀


          1. Hahaha… I have been blogging many years in Estonian… which I all deleted, hahaha. 😀 U make me smile 😀


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