This is one of those rarest moments when I start writing without actually knowing what else is going to be in the flow. I have another tab in my browser that is buffering a YouTube video. My speed will be the runner-up if put in competition with a turtle/tortoise (I did a quick research on the difference but still in confusion).

Many people maintain blog just as if they are writing a diary. They write their daily happenings with their thoughts on it. Some people I’ve come across maintain two different blogs; one for these daily stuff and the other for more in-depth posts. I also had a daily blog but I stopped it due to lack of time. But I’m considering to start this series here on this blog.

Did that [1] in the title grabbed your attention? That’s what I’m talking about.

From time to time, especially if there is no post for a long time (one week is long enough to have no post in the blog) I will come up with a “Days As They Go By” post talking about the things that happened in my life that do not deserve a separate post. And this is the first post in that series. So, whenever you see the title next time, be sure to face some ramblings.

So, speaking of the days as they go by, the first thing that comes to my mind is the weather. Anyone living in Bangladesh will agree that the past few days have been overheating across the country. I have a sweating issue, so the warmer weather has worse effect on me. Every time I come back home, my mother stares at me with that look on her face that clearly tells me that I look like I just came back from a swimming pool. I don’t really know if this is something that needs physician’s attention. Some say it’s good. Some say I should reduce sugar intake. I used to believe that it was genetic. But now I think it wasn’t.

This past week, as a result of excessive heating outside, I mostly stayed inside my home. However, these past few days have taken me out to a few offices and places. During my year final exam at college, I almost stayed off all telecommunication. As a result of that, there has been a huge communication gap between me and the companies I work on. I’m trying to restore the communication and that began this week.

Before that, I attended this really awesome gathering that’s known as CouchSurfing. Travelers perhaps already know about it. I call it an offline social networking site. You arrange all the meet-ups on its site, but the real gathering takes place in the CouchSurfing host’s place. It’s just that. You get to know new people. Share stuff you’re interested in. Have a conversation. Have fun. And then head back home. 😉 This kind of meet-up is extremely rare in Bangladesh. But I believe in your city, you’ll find a CouchSurfing meet-up. So, go to and try looking for nearest Couch Surfers.

CouchSurfing reminded me that I’m quite unable at socializing. By socializing, I mean the everyday stuff that most people didn’t even know that not everyone is capable of doing that. Yes, some people are uncomfortable in a place full of strangers. But I feel the same in both strangers’ place or in a meet-up of known people. I don’t feel uncomfortable or something. I just don’t know what to talk about. I wish I could be more open and engaging just like I am with the words when I’m writing or chatting.

This topic deserves a separate post. So, I’m finishing today’s post here.

Let me know if you have any suggestions or comments about these ramblings above. I’ll be more than happy to listen to your thoughts.

15 thoughts

      1. Um… weird… I saw something while I was reading this post on my cell but now when I’m on my laptop it’s gone :?. Nevermind :P.


  1. Haha, we should practice communication with each other cause I have the same problem. I just dont know what to speak about, lol. And I can imagine the first time we two meet: SILENCE. 😀 Hahaa, would be funny.. no but probably i would start to talk some nonsense. l;ike Weather or something. 😀


    1. Yeah, you’re right. Silence is gonna fill up the large part of the time when we first meet. 😛

      Talk slowly, though. I’m not really that good at listening English. 😛


      1. Huuh! I am not anyway talking fast like British, english is also my second language… but i am planning to call u soon.. haha, hope there will not be much silence. 😀


          1. Oh okay I will remember that haha. 😀 But yea, same with u, cause over phone I’m always like saying million times “whaaatt?’ when somebody speaks really fast.


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