I had an interesting day.

Last night, I was whining about the day I was going to have starting with the long queue in front of the bank. I have to get admitted into the second year at my college; and the payment had to be done through the bank. I knew there was gonna be a long queue and, under the burning sun, I was going to have a really tough day.

I did, except that the tough turned into twist.

After struggling for two hours to get up from the bed, I finally made it out of my home around 8.30 in the morning. When I reached college, it was about 9.45. As expected, there was this long queue in front of the counter. Fortunately, not too long to take hours because many students had paid yesterday. When I queued myself up, at the end of the queue was this girl. I knew she was the student of our college, but like always, I didn’t bother.

Well, that until this other guy came from behind and asked her something I couldn’t really hear. The only thing I heard was that she said she had come from Mirpur. And that’s where my home is. Then I asked her where her home was. Asked a few more questions (except the regular ones like what her name was). Fortunately, despite that I’m no good at initiating conversation, somehow it got triggered. She was talking about a lot of things including college, study, and others. Our college had been closed for as long as 2 months. Not simultaneously, but still. And then, they announced summer vacation for 20 days! I mean, that was totally unnecessary. Only 7 days or 10 would have been better.

Eventually I learned that her classroom was right next to mine. We never noticed each other. Perhaps because neither of us bother looking at random people. 😉

So, we were talking about these regular stuff when time flew. 😉 In no time I discovered myself at the front of the queue. I paid and headed back home.

She was there in front of the gate. She asked me if I was heading home. I said yes, and she asked me if we could go together.

Now for those who are trying to find, or create, a connection between this and my future, please don’t. 😐 Thank you.

As we got up on a Rickshaw, she said that she hated commuting alone. I replied, “You could’ve stepped back and look for me in the class so that you didn’t have to commute alone for the whole year!”

I told this to her, but I was thinking something else at the same time.

A friend of mine, after I posted a new profile picture on Facebook, commented that I look like I think a lot. And she said that I’m indeed a thinker. If she is to be believed, I started doing what I usually do. I started thinking that we have been attending classes for exactly a year. Her classroom was right next to mine. And she had been going to college from a place that is very near to my home. Isn’t that really strange? I know, it’s not when you think from a point of view that there are hundreds of students in both classes and they don’t know every other person of them. But still, if you change the point of view, you see that it’s really interesting.

On our way home, she was talking about things she likes, things she dislikes, about her family, friends, best friend, and so on. Dude she’s really into cricket! I asked her if she liked cricket just to keep the conversation going when I was in the queue. That helped me discover and get her talk a lot about crickets and the crickets she love.

Because I can’t talk much even if I want to, I like people who are friendly and talk a lot. Now, there is a difference between “talking a lot” and “talking too much”. The first one is in a positive sense while the second one refers to “talkative.”  You don’t like a talkative, but you like talking to a person who talks a lot but stays within the limit. And she was the latter.

As we reached Mirpur, we took our separate ways to our homes. She said she’d meet me at my class. That’s about 19 days from now on.

Soon after I arrived home, I was flashing back to the things she said and found one crucial similarity between the two of us. No, that’s not going to draw us nearer. It’s nothing like that. It’s another sort of similarity that brings back old memories and makes me want to make the clock go in reverse.

I figured she is going to know a lot more about me.

For those wondering why I wrote this post, I wrote because today I got to know a new person. Every day I add strangers to my Facebook (doesn’t matter as long as I get more clicks on every links I share), but I don’t really get to know them. Since this happened today, I thought I should write a post about it. You know, someday I’m going to look back and recall the feelings and thoughts of this moment.

17 thoughts

  1. I’m really happy 4 u! It’s amazing how fate works. Have u seen the show “Touch”? If not I highly recommend it. It’s going 2 change ur way of seeing the world!


      1. Ah dearie… you still don’t know me I see… after all these years (?) :P! I meant that you might just have aquired a friend… maybe even a good friend, who knows? And that is much more precious than what you’re indicating ;). Don’t be paranoid… and once again… see Touch!!


        1. Oh, yeah. Well, the problem is what I was indicating is what people start thinking in events like this. So, I thought you were congratulating me for the same thing.

          Glad you didn’t. 😉 And yes, you’re right. I might have just got a friend who may turn into a good friend someday.

          Let’s see if I can manage Touch. These aren’t available in DVD and it sucks to download such big files you know. But thanks for recommendation.


          1. Yeah I know that. That’s why I wouldn’t recommend anything to you unless it’s REALLY REALLY good and I think you will enjoy it ^_^.

            By the way have you had any contact with her after you met?


            1. Well, not really. Like I wrote, I’m gonna meet her (or the other way round) on June 10th. 19 days after the day I met. I could have asked for her cell number but thought it’s best not to, at least not yet. 🙂 I kinda miss her already. You know, she talks a lot. And my surrounding is usually calm and quiet.


            2. Yeah maybe her phone number wouldn’t have been appropriate, but you could have asked her if you could add her on any messenger or Facebook… :-/


            3. I asked. She said she wasn’t regular on Facebook. Moreover, she uses it kinda secretly and rarely. 😉 So I figured maybe if I send her a request, I’ll meet her even before she accepts that. 😛


  2. I see you are a thinker :). I can’t count how much I’ve been scolded for being such. Even I don’t notice a related of mine until s/he tries to catch my attention to him.

    Sorry for bad English


  3. I’m happy about you… It’s such a great and inspiring feeling to get really new friends, with whom you connect! 🙂


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