samsung champ duosI wrote as soon my initial excitement with my newest handset began to slow down.

But I forgot that the best part of the handset was not the handset itself; but the headset that came with it.

I love the performance of the headset that came within the box of Samsung Champ Duos. The sound was crystal clear and bass was more realistic than any other headphones I ever had. I’m more excited about the headset than the handset is because I had been missing a headset until I bought this one.

A headset lets me listen to songs when I’m waiting in the queue or in traffic jam. Every time I faced such situation, I used to miss a headset. There are cheap headsets available in the market but as assumed they come with cheap sound quality. And I don’t have the luxury to buy $100 headsets. So, I waited until I buy a new handset.

However, my headset began to change my life as soon as I came in possession of it. 

To give you an idea, I went to the bank today to pay the gas bills. A couple of months ago, I went to pay the gas bill and there was this long queue in front of the bank. It took me about 2 hours to reach the counter to finally pay the bills. So, I was careful enough to take my headset with me so that I don’t have to accept boredom standing in the middle of the queue.

But when I reached the bank, to my surprise, the counter was free. I asked a staff and he confirmed that there was no queue and I could pay the gas bill immediately.

That’s the most recent news. Let’s roll back a little earlier.

Due to repairing work in the middle of the highway, it takes an extra ‘bunch’ of hours to reach where my college is. So, the other day I thought I’d take my headset with me so that I can play songs. I can spend a lot of time playing songs. Not that I have a huge collection of songs, but the small number of songs in my playlist, all contain some sort of memory from the past. Sweet or bitter, they help me spend the time. So, I thought in the traffic jam, headset will help me spend the time.

And you know what, the traffic was totally free as there was fewer vehicles on the road. 😮

Even earlier than that, happened what I wrote in my post The Girl Next Door Who Happens to Be Neighbor. If you have read that, you know that I was in this long queue in front of the counter. I didn’t know I’d end up meeting this new girl and spend the time talking to her. I had triple-checked that I had my headset with me before I left home that day. But as it turned out, headset changed the day.

One comment author on my Bangla blog said that this headset may have supernatural power. I don’t know if that, in a weird sense, is true, but the headset is really making my life a lot easier.

Whatever the reason is, I carry my headset all the time.

And with all those proofs, I can say, a headset can change your life. Well, sort of. 😉

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  1. A good pair can really be worth the investment. I have ones with rubber ear-plugs for the speaker; beats having my ears assaulted by the noise of traffic and people shouting in the streets


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