attack at bdnews24There’s a reason I don’t want to take journalism as profession as long as I’m in Bangladesh.

Journalists are probably not safe in any corner of the world. But Bangladesh is probably the worst place for journalist. Journalists in Bangladesh work hard. But they are always kind of underprivileged. Be it safety or security.

More than 100 days ago, a couple of TV reporters (spouse) were killed at their very own home. The government or intelligence agencies haven’t found anybody related to the killing.

And today, about 10 journalists were attacked by criminals in front of the head office of I work as technology contributing journalist in I went there last week. I just came online and learned that criminals attacked them. And the office was flooded with their blood. The photo attached on top right was posted on

Criminals attack journalistsPolice attack journalists. It seems journalists are the worst kind in Bangladesh.

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10 thoughts

  1. We never heard from the police that they try to find out the criminals…why ??? because the criminals are related to our present government ??? I hate our security system because that is also under in politics !!!


  2. I too have been following the news this year with increasing concern for our journalists in Bangladesh. I think it takes a brave person to take this career and such courage and dedication should be rewarded. Currently, I think journalists are the new ‘war heroes’ and should be adored and respected as such. They have to keep speaking out – but God help them…


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