Last week I wrote about how my birthday was spent and how I was heartbroken by some of my friends. I don’t blame them still. It’s just my bad luck.

I haven’t written any post since then. It’s not just because there hasn’t been any new thoughts that crossed my mind, it’s also because there was an Internet connection issue across all over Bangladesh.

In my first Days As They Go By post, I wrote that this series will have all sorts of ramblings. Interestingly, as I’m trying to write this post, I can’t find any rambling to put here. I think I’ll then just talk about what happened in my life in the past few days.

Geeks Are Better Than Friends

After I failed to hold the birthday party due to no attendance from the invitees, I had to worry about another event that was being hosted by computer accessories maker Logitech and Computer Source Ltd where I work at. The program was titled Logitech Press and Bloggers Meet. It was held at the capital’s Ruposhi Bangla Hotel (formerly known as Dhaka Sheraton Hotel). I was told to bring about 15 bloggers from the people I know. And I had very limited time for that.

logitech bangladeshI started collecting bloggers’ contact number and email address as soon as I was said that a new technology blog will be launched on June 8. However, after all the data was collected, I was told that the blog won’t be launched for some reason. Instead, Logitech’s program will be held and there we will talk about the new blog with the invited bloggers.

As soon as I told the bloggers about the update in a chain email, some of them looked not interested. And I was really disappointed at that. I will skip a couple of days here and tell you that in the end I was able to gather 13 bloggers from my Facebook list. Most of them have never seen me before. So, it was really exciting to see that the bloggers accepted my invitation and showed up in the evening.

Quoting that, a friend of mine said “geeks are better than regular friends.” And I couldn’t but agree with him. My friends who I meet almost every day didn’t show up but those who have never seen me have attended the program I invited them to. That does make geeks better, doesn’t that?

Multiplayer Gaming is More Fun Than You Think

I’ve never been a hardcore gamer. That’s not because I don’t find gaming much attractive, but that’s because I don’t have the luxury or affordability to upgrade my computer with expensive graphics card and other hardware required to run most modern games. As a result of that, I occasionally play games that were released back in 2005-2007. Some of the titles that I play include Need for Speed Most Wanted, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Left 4 Dead, Far Cry, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and a few others.

However, I never played multiplayer game with friends before. I tried playing NFS Most Wanted over Internet but due to slow connection and high ping, the experience was rather bad. But I never knew that Call of Duty games are so wildly popular not because of single player mode but because of its ‘extreme fun’ bundled in Multiplayer mode.

In Logitech’s event, I talked to a friend of mine who said that they spent the past 2 months’ vacation playing games at his home. I was rather sad to hear this because I spent the past months actually doing nothing. I mostly slept and worked in the night. Had I known that they were playing games together, and one of them is actually my classmate at our college, I would have been able to make use of the long vacation.

Anyway, June 9th was the last day of vacation and unfortunately that was my first time I went to this friend’s place only to experience multiplayer gaming. There were four of us. We all brought our laptops except this other friend named Shovon who, believe it or not, carried his desktop computer all the way from his home to this place. I was told not to be surprised. He always carries his desktop CPU because of not having a laptop. 😮 You can see him on the far left at the picture below.

gaming in dhaka

Starting from about 4 pm to 9pm, we spent the time killing and racing against each other. We played Call of Duty 4, Need for Speed Most Wanted, and Counter Strike. I must say that everyone who ever played any of these games should try multiplayer at least once. If you have an Internet connection with low ping, you should try playing games online or with friend via LAN.

I came back home thinking about the day full of fun. I wish I knew about them earlier. We can’t play again until Eid, which is about 2 to 3 months later.

My college resumed. I have tons of exams coming my way. It’s time to get real busy with studies. I will. And I miss the old days (this past year) when I got admitted to the college. I had a lot of time back then!


If you made your reading this far, well, I’m surprised and glad that you actually read them. Now, can you relate to any of the things I talked about in this post? Don’t hesitate to share about it in the comments below and who knows perhaps I’ll find something more to add to the conversation. 🙂

9 thoughts

  1. I used to play need for speed and enjoyed it, well actually my brother is more into such games like need for speed and call of duty etc….


      1. Haha yeah, there is a chance he will visit Bangladesh next year, if I will succeed to convince him, hehee..


  2. sorry – showing my age – patience and Chess are about the only games I play on my laptop – and then only very occasionally. Too busy with other things to be honest…


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