Just a year ago at this time, there was huge continuous rainfall in Bangladesh. Raining starts just before the beginning of rainy season according to Bangla calendar. But this year. rainy season is here but still there is no rainfall at all. Instead, the dwellers of Dhaka, myself included, feels their existence as if they are staying inside a microwave oven.

Believe it or not, the humidity and the warmness is too high in the weather that it’s making everyone sick specially in Dhaka. Last month, I went outside the city for a little trip with my mother and I discovered that the weather was not that much hot in one of the closest cities to Dhaka, Narshingdi.

Right now, it’s 3.51 am as I’m writing this line and I’ve been desperately trying to go to sleep for the past few hours. I can’t sleep in the night. This has been going on for the past few days. It’s not a disease, though. It’s because I’m sleeping in the daytime. Since my college resumed after summer vacation, I have been coming back from college in the midday in a horrible condition. The rest of the day is spent mashed together with my bed and of course with sweat level disgusting. Like I already said a few times earlier, I have a sweating issue and in this overheated weather, I’m sweating more than most other people are.

At college, other guys stare at me and ask me every day why I’m sweating like that. Some punk guys ask me not to tuck my shirt. It’s against the college’s rule and I don’t like to go against rules and put myself at unnecessary trouble.

I’m praying so that this overheating weather goes away and some cold air cools the country. I’m not expecting excessive rainfall because that, too, will cause trouble in Dhaka city. I’m just expecting a normal weather.

5 thoughts

  1. Oh, same here, brother… When will the rain come, like GOD make it to come already! I am taking medicines for against this weather right now, like to make my body strong and against humidity, and my husband has same sweating issue like you, he cant sleep in the night!… Its so bad weather.


      1. humm what my doctor prescribed me… 🙂 there are 4 different kind.. one is against my panic attacks, what supposed to develop my nerves..


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