Zombies fascinate me. Those who have been following my blog for a while already know this. I haven’t taken any oath to watch every single movie in the genre ‘zombies’ or ‘undead’, but I do take a look at zombie movies whenever I come across one. As that continued approach to watching zombie movies, I watched a 2005 film with the title The House of the Dead 2.

Basically, The House of the Dead 2 is a video game made for Sega gaming consoles. It was also available in PCs. I played it when I was a child. I’m sure a lot of other PC users have also played this along with other nostalgic games such as Virtua Cop 2, Road Rush, Doom, etc. The game was pretty hard. In fact, I downloaded it some months ago and it felt the same level of difficult even after playing big titles such as Left 4 Dead and Far Cry (the latter isn’t a horror game but it still has horrifying creatures to kill).

The rating on the Internet Movie Database is very low. But I still decided to give the movie a go. And I don’t regret it. It was a good film with a story that has some twists you’d like to watch. However, there was one thing that caught my attention. It was something that I saw on The Walking Dead season 1.

the walking dead

To make sure who copied whom, I did a quick search on Google and figured out that The Walking Dead came out later (2010) and they must have copied it from The House of the Dead 2 (2005). Can you guess what it is?

In the second episode of The Walking Dead season 1, Guts, you see Glenn and Rick trying to fool the horde of zombies by ‘painting’ themselves with blood and other internal organs of a dead zombie. The idea was to get past the zombies without having them figuring out that they weren’t dead. Rick came to know that zombies could distinguish between the dead and the undead by their smell. They used the blood of a zombie and succeeded to get past a lot of zombies in the streets of Atlanta until the rain washes them.

Now, this came on TV in 2010. Five years before that, The House of the Dead 2 showed the same thing.

The central character, on his way to collecting sample blood of a first generation zombie, finds himself along with other members trapped in a university facility with a horde of zombies outside. When there is no way to get out, they find a ventilator which can only be opened from the other end. He then cuts open a zombie’s body, ‘paints’ himself with the zombie’s blood and gets past the zombies outside waiting to eat him.

I was really frustrated to see that this idea, which was quite mind-blowing, was not unique for The Walking Dead, provided that I’m a big fan of the series. I knew that a lot of ‘stealing’ goes on the film-making and story-writing world. But then again, I didn’t expect it.

The first time I watched thriller movie series Saw, I was pretty much blown away. I couldn’t help thinking who came up with the idea of all those bloody ways to torture people. Then one day I happened to tune into The Discovery Channel and find out that most of those weapons were used in the medieval reign. But that was acceptable. The Walking Dead copying The House of the Dead 2 isn’t really that good thing for a big fan like me.

Have you been watching The Walking Dead series? What kind of horror movies fascinate you?

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    1. Every time I started watching The Walking Dead series, I have nightmares until the season is completed. 😛 I like having nightmare in a zombie apocalyptic environment, though. 😉


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