One amazing thing about Google Chrome is that it synchronizes literally everything — from extensions to browser history and even open tabs in another computer or device — and all that is stored under my Google account. Because I already have a Google account, I don’t need to deal with any additional hassle such as passwords and all that to get access to my browsing history and bookmarks.

google chrome sync

I don’t have a lot of devices. But from time to time, I get to reinstall Windows as it becomes slow over time. Not that it becomes so slow that my work is hampered, but I just reinstall Windows on my laptop whenever it becomes slow for a while. Linux, on the other hand, gives good performance when it comes to having the same speed that I enjoy soon after finishing the installation.

So, each time I install Google Chrome on newly installed operating system, all I need is log in to my Google account; and everything regarding my browsing is there in an instant.

I’m not saying that Mozilla Firefox does not have the sync feature. But you have to deal with a long sync key in order to sync between devices, which sucks. I don’t want to bear those keys every time I install Firefox. It’s a lot easier to just log in to my Google account and have everything synced up in an instant.

Another reason I don’t love Mozilla Firefox is that it’s terribly slow. Although it has become crazy releasing updates almost every other week, following Google Chrome’s route, the issue of hanging after first launch on system start-up still persists. There are lots of solutions to this problem. I’ve become tired after trying a few of them. The only reason my computer still have Mozilla Firefox is just to read Bangla websites and test websites for my work purpose (Testing whether PrintFriendly works okay on Firefox).

What is your primary browser and why do you use that instead of the other ones?

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    1. Seriously? 😮 Why do you think Google Chrome just surpassed Firefox to be the most popular browser in the world? It’s not just you and me; it’s a lot of people.


      1. I don’t use features any features like sync and all. In fact, I never would have installed Chrome. As it happens, a photo editing software called “Photoscape” automatically installed one for me. As I previously used Firefox, I found the newly installed browser a bit faster than the former.


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