cloud before rain

Every time cloud shows up right above my head accompanied by a bit of rain, a load of memories begin to show up on my mind’s canvas. A little bit of questioning revealed that it’s not just me, but it’s everyone else. Whenever the sky is cloudy, or it rains outside, people begin to recall all the good memories from the past. I’m the same; with the exception that the scorching heat of the sun also reminds me of some sweet and painful memories.

But I’ll talk about the memories that cloud holds for me, because right now it’s cloudy outside. Not just cloudy, actually. It’s raining. I can’t hear the sound of raindrops on the tin-made-roof above my head, but I feel and see it when I go and stare outside my door.

I so feel like writing down all the memories that make my eyes dreamy and all the memories that make the same eyes tearful. But for some reason you can easily guess, that’s not possible. All I want to say is that cloud, or more precisely, weather, has a deep impact on my mind. These floating clouds thousand miles above the ground became the only witness to see my happy moments in dreamy days. These clouds are the only witness that come back to me and remind me all the happiness and sweet moments life gave to me.

But the clouds seem to do it in a bizarre way. Instead of making me happy to remember the good past days, it makes me sad. Clouds remind me of the happy moments. I should be happy. I should smile at the sweet moments I was gifted. But I can’t. No matter how hard I try to find a bit of happiness and a reason to smile on the memory of the happiness, I fail constantly. Though the cloud holds all the sweet memories, they don’t really help me find happiness in the present.

The happiness of the past comes back riding on the clouds and makes me sad. Why does this have to happen to me?

Image Credit: © Latif Hossain.

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