Google updated its blogging platform,, interface a while ago. I had an earlier look into it as my default dashboard for Blogger is set as Blogger in Draft, which is a service that lets users test new features even before they are made public.

I’ve never been a fan of Blogger/BlogSpot blog despite the fact that I’m a hardcore Google fan. I’ve always said, and I still say, that when it comes to blogging or making a website for almost any purpose, WordPress wins. For blogging purpose, WordPress is readymade. But for other purpose, it needs some tweaking, after that it’s a perfect platform. But Blogger on the other hand is good just for letting the content go online. Although it belongs to Google, I’ve noticed that posts published from a WordPress/ platform appears faster in Google search.

Anyway, I’ll leave that topic because there’s a huge debate between WordPress vs Blogger out there. What I want to talk about  today is the usability in terms of speed in the user interface.

blogger user interface
Blogger new post writing panel loads super fast and also publishes posts faster than WordPress on a slow connection. Click to enlarge.

If you have tried out Blogger recently, you’d know that the new interface is lightning fast. Not because I’m thrilled by it, it’s literally that fast. In fact, sometimes I have to hit refresh when opening WordPress new post panel. Admittedly, it’s a problem you guys from other countries or with fast Internet speed do not face. But from here in Bangladesh, it’s a huge pain in the (you know where). It has occurred to me several times that I have a good idea for a blog post, I hit the New Post button but my dial up is so slow that I actually got tired of waiting for the elements in the New Post panel to load. At times, I actually gave up writing the post.

I faced a weird Internet problem yesterday. Due to Internet connectivity problem, many users in Bangladesh became unable to access most of the websites. From my connection, I couldn’t visit any website other than those of Google. Like Google Reader, Blogger, YouTube, Google+ etc all sites were loading just fine although other sites including Facebook weren’t loading at all. I thought I should write a post about this weird problem on an inactive blog of mine hosted on Blogger.

Now, the problem has been resolved. But I compared again to see which one loads fast. And yes, Blogger wins in terms of speed.

So, Blogger is the best friend of bloggers with slow Internet speed. It loads lightning fast, works very fast although it lacks many advanced features that and WordPress offers.

I’m thinking of maintaining that Blogger/BlogSpot blog from now on. What will I post there? You can learn about that on that very blog!

Just to make things clear, I’ll be regular as always on this blog. I love WordPress and all its functionality and therefore I maintain self-hosted WordPress and this blog on The other blog is kept just for techie rantings that are less important and are potentially not interesting to the general mass at all!

5 thoughts

  1. In terms of UI, Blogger surely wins. But when comes to usability, there is nothing which can stand against WordPress because there is tons of plugins out there to backup.


    1. No doubt about that. That’s the reason WordPress is the source of thousands of people’s and developers’ income. I wish WordPress’ interface, at least the new post writing panel, was as fast as that of Blogger.


  2. After using Blogger for two years, and WordPress for one week, I would recommend WordPress over Blogger on any given day!

    I agree with the search engine optimization thing; WordPress blogs/posts appear in search engines much faster than that of Blogger.

    Great reading your post, and also, good to see you on here, Saif! 🙂


    1. WordPress is definitely the post when it comes to functionality and features. Google Blogger is just great for newbies and for faster blogging purpose. Although WordPress has QuickPress, it’s no better than Blogger’s new post writing panel.


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