Not too long ago I wrote about how confused I was about buying a smartphone or DSLR camera. I’ve finally put all my dilemma behind and took a brave move of buying a smartphone to catch up with the trend and the tech. I say brave move because a smartphone is nothing but a luxury to me and luxury is something we cannot afford.

Thanks to Sony. They built an amazing smartphone at an affordable rate. Now I’m a proud Android run smartphone owner. I’ve bought Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro which has a full QWERTY keyboard for easier and faster typing convenience. This smart and powerful device is equipped with 1Ghz Scorpion processor with extra GPU for graphics processing. It now runs Android Gingerbread but is upgradable to Ice Cream Sandwich. But I’m not planning to upgrade just yet as I’m quite happy with Gingerbread. Should I feel that I need some functionality that ICS has and Gingerbread doesn’t, I’ll try to upgrade.

There’s a lot more to write about this sweet little beast! But I’m typing using WordPress for Android app. Though the convenient full QWERTY keyboard that comes out sliding on the left is making me type super fast, I’m right now too curious to try out the various apps and games I’ve installed.

With my new smartphone, I’m now using all the latest and trending stuff such as Instagram. I’m loving it. I’m happy that Sony made a device like this this cheap.

Don’t underestimate, though, this set is a thing that doesn’t feel like any entry-level smartphone.


Attached to this post is the first snap taken by my Xperia’s 5 megapixel camera that has HD recording capability!

This post was written using Xperia Mini Pro! You can follow me in Instagram at aisajib!

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    1. I have plans to sell it off. If cannot find any buyer at a reasonable price, I might just keep it. It’s a good working dual SIM phone. But I have no plans to give it away. πŸ˜›


            1. Well, maybe he isn’t using a bunch of apps then. πŸ™‚ The main downsides of Galaxy Y is its resolution (a poor 240 x something) and processor (800+ Mhz). As Android is growing with latest updates and various apps, it’s wise to get a smartphone with at least 320 x something resolution and a minimum of 1 Ghz processor. But if you’re not a tech-savvy and only want to use social apps, then Y would be okay. πŸ™‚


  1. congrats for new phone. From which store in basundhara city did you buy? Do they give any warrenty? How much it cost you? I am planning to buy one. Thanks.


    1. I bought from Gadget & Gears, the most trusted and popular store in Bangladesh. They import directly from the U.S. And no, you won’t get any Warranty for Sony Ericsson products as they don’t have any dealer here in Bangladesh.


        1. Live with Walkman had a price tag of 16,000 taka at the time I bought mine. But I’d suggest you to get Xperia Ray for 17,500. For added 1,500 taka, you’ll get a better handset.


          1. what about xperia neo v? Bigger screen but confused about battery! Any suggestion ? Which one is better- ray or neo v?


            1. I’d suggest Ray. I don’t know about battery. But if you’ve been using feature phone (non-smartphone), expect extreme low battery life. Smartphones consume a lot of battery than feature phones. But if you turn of WiFi, Data services, GPS and other background apps, you may extend it to two or three days.


  2. hi,
    i m using neo v for 2 weeks. so far, satisfied. good display, great sound quality, battery charge lasts for 2 days. this is my first android experience, so need ur suggestion.
    i am facing one problem. i can’t access my gmail/google account using pre-installed Gmail & Android market or Setup Guide logo. it shows connection error.
    But i can enter my gmail account using built- in browser & opera mini ( i downloaded opera mini in my pc & transferred to neo v).
    So, i can’t use google play. Even when i try to download through google play using my pc, it says “you haven’t access ur google account using ur mobile’s android market logo( white bag icon)”.
    I am using Grameen Phone mobile network.
    What can i do now?
    Thanks in advance.


    1. Go to settings, wireless and networks, mobile networks, access point names and create a new access point called gpinternet. Activate it and make sure data service is enabled.

      How much did your neo v cost?


  3. sorry. it didn’t work. already in the settings, there was an APN named gpinternet. even then i created a new one with APN (gpinternet) & activated it.

    i am surprised because i can access my gmail account using built- in browser & opera mini. but cant do so using android market. where is the problem?

    any other suggestion?


  4. It worked. Now, i can download apps. using google play. I did it by myself, though I don’t know how.
    But i want to use internet using my mobile (neo v) as modem. I am using airtel connection. How can i do that? What would be the settings ? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.


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