Around the months of July and August in 2011, I became obsessed with two English songs. One of them was refreshing, or more like hoping for something good to happen; and the other one was speaking the heart’s content; straightforward. I shared the ‘hopeful’ one twice on my blog. It’s Akon’s Right Now Na. But I never talked about the other one.

This other song always kept echoing on my head. It was one of those songs that you can’t just stop relating to. You listen to this song and feel like it’s not the singer, it’s you who should be saying the words. I guess you came across this situation once until now. If not, I believe someday you will.

I always admire the songwriters. They have incredible talent. They write songs that thousands and thousands of people can relate to from their life. And this particular one, undoubtedly, has more things in common with lots of people.

Listen to it, perhaps you too will find some relevance to your heart’s untold feelings.
For the lyrics, try this link.

Found anything in common with your heart? Tell me about it.

8 thoughts

  1. Music is my life.. I couldn’t really imagine my life without the songs, which touch the heart… I will try to check out this song now, although it will probably take 1 hour considering the speed of the internet..


    1. Yeah! Speed sucks! But suddenly I streamed this on my handset on YouTube yesterday (the day before I posted this) when I felt really bad. This song kinda helps me.


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