More or less we all are interested in what’s latest in the technology world. When it comes to smartphones, we are even more interested. I believe all of you have heard of Samsung’s flagship smartphone line, Galaxy. The latest of which called Galaxy S III has just been released in some countries. The other day we were discussing how Samsung grew to be a direct competitor to world’s most successful and innovative company, Apple. Not too long ago, Apple used to rule the smartphone world. But all that has changed. Top rival to Apple’s iPhone is now Samsung Galaxy S II and S III among other smarthphones that feature Android operating system developed by Google.

But why am I suddenly talking about Samsung Galaxy S II? Have I bought it? Huh, no freaking way! But hey, I got my hands on a Samsung Galaxy S II unit to play with it! 😮

Trust me, this phone is a beast! Not just in terms of hardware and amazing Super AMOLED screen, but also in terms of the software it comes with. My unit was upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich but for some reason the update was not complete.  So, there was some issues such as unable to connect to the Internet via 2G network. But I managed to create a WiFi hotspot at home to connect to the Internet via the Galaxy S II. But the net speed was rather slow and the experience was bad.

samsung galaxy s 2 in bangladesh
My Samsung Champ Duos side by side with Samsung Galaxy S2.

Imagine how awesome it was that without having Internet connection I loved the set. Its interface, the touch sensitivity, screen resolution, etc everything is just amazing. I didn’t like the latest Galaxy S III, though; because that rounded corner shape is something I never liked. From that point of view, Galaxy S II is still the winner. (I don’t get it who needs new smartphones every year? That’s kinda crazy, don’t you think?)

But one thing, though, is that I would not buy a Galaxy S II if I were given enough money. After buying Xperia smartphone, I’ve become a fan of Sony Ericsson. In earlier times, I used to love all Sony Ericsson feature phones because of their interesting user interface and super quality camera. Now, in smartphone line, I still think Sony Ericsson, especially its Xperia line is still the winner. So, if I were to buy a high-end smartphone, I’d go with Xperia Sola or anything Xperia (You know there’s a huge bunch of Xperia phones coming from Sony recently).

Do you already use a smartphone? If no, what high-end smartphone do you fancy to buy and why?

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