It’s entirely my personal opinion. And today, without any fancy introductory paragraph, I’ll get to the point straight.

You often get close to people. So close that makes others feel that you two are only best friends of each other. I’m assuming that you understand what I mean by getting close. It’s like you care about the other one visually more than anyone else. You think of them all the time you’re free. You like to hang out with them, talk and spend time with them etc. I’m not talking about love, by the way. Take best friends for example.

When you get close to this other person, he or she gets close to you as well if not already. You may not always see it. But if you try hard enough, you’ll feel. But when you suddenly roll back, this other person gets hurt.

The reason why you move back from getting close can be different. In most cases, it’s because you felt that the other person doesn’t care about you as much as you do. While the.consequence seems logical, have you wondered why they try to get back desperately to get close again?

Human makes mistakes. You have to be thoughtful about it. And when this human in question is your best friend, you ought to understand them more than others. If you can’t stay close for long for no reason or because you just feel the other person is careless about you, please don’t get close in the first place.

When you get close and feel that something went wrong, you should understand that something might have gone wrong with the other person as well. They wouldn’t forget to care about you all of a sudden. If you’re their best friend, you need to understand and accompany them, not “undo” your getting close.

So please, be humane and think twice before you get close to the next person. Can you hold on if they can’t talk or communicate for some reason? Can you take it if they are frustrated at something and talks a little rude to you ‘for some time?’

Above all, can you be the real best friend and stay close to them unless they cheat with you?

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  1. What do you mean “cheat with you”? Cheating is when you’re in a relationship and one of the people involved “does something” with someone else. Are you really just talking about best friends? So this could apply to two girls or two boys as well :-/? Cuz honestly I don’t spend much time actually thinking about my closest friends lol.


    1. I wrote cheat with you because I didn’t want to mean that if you get close to someone you have to be there forever. If they are hurting you repeatedly and so much that you begin to believe they don’t deserve to be your close friend, then it’s okay to move away. That’s what I meant by “cheat with you.” It could have given the wrong impression, though.

      Yes, this could apply to two girls or two boys as well. And I’m kinda tired of hearing from you that you don’t spend time “thinking” about stuff. πŸ˜› No one does. But when things like this happens, no matter how much you disagree, you do think. You may accept the reality faster than others, but you do think about it even for the smallest amount of time.


      1. Well… thing is this kinda thing rarely happens to me. Usually I’m the one who decides to step away, because for whatever reason I feel like I can’t be close with her anymore. And usually I don’t do this unless we haven’t kept in touch for a very long time. If one of my closest friends, whom I hear from regularly, all of a sudden decides to “take a break” or “stop being friends”, then of course it’d hurt me… that’s natural.


        1. Yeah that’s what I was talking about. If they had to “stop being friends,” they shouldn’t bother being friends in the first place.


          1. Let me tell you about a personal experience. I was friends with this girl… we were really close. She called me her big sister even if I’m only a year older than her. On several occasions I invited her over to my place, but she refused to come. Her reason was “I don’t go to anybody’s home”. I tried to understand… really hard… but I couldn’t. All of my close friends – even some who aren’t close – have been at my place. My mom has seen all of my friends. And the fact that she didn’t wanna come… well I couldn’t help but take it personally. Especially after my nephew was born. It was a huge thing for me and usually when a baby comes to the house you don’t have to invite anyone. It’s custom to pay a visit. I invited her but she still refused to come. How can you be close friends with someone merely by chatting online and seeing each other once in a blue moon outside? For me, friendship is more than that. So I pulled away, without regrets. Some other stuff happened afterwards which increased my reluctancy towards her… but the main reason was that one.


              1. I think the reason is me. Probably I can’t be that much entertaining or I don’t have whatever it takes to be a friend you always care about.


              2. Actually friendship is somewhat of a mystery. You can’t really plan it to happen. If it’s meant to happen, it happens. If not, then no matter how hard you try it won’t happen. It’s kinda like falling in love; there has to be a “click”. Although it kinda depends from person to person. Some people have very little requirements of friendship and will call anyone a friend – whereas others (me included) prefer having a few but close and true friends.


      2. And I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to annoy you. It’s just the way you described it… I don’t know… I guess I just interpreted things wrong :).


  2. really ami porar pore obak..kintu ami jani tumi kake twice vabte bolteso..tT ke tooo???soooorrrrrry apni to abar amake chenen na..really sory..vaia..think twice..think think…


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