On July 26, I decided to wear the wristwatch that my sister had gifted me on my birthday. It was a black and stylish one. I didn’t wear it that often since then because  I wanted to wear it only when I go to events. I decided to wear the dial upside down on my wrist so that it doesn’t collide with the handlebar of my bicycle.

Yes, I decided to take out my bicycle, too.

It had been quite a while since I last went out. I was late that day and if I had went out for public transportation, I would have certainly missed the exam. On my bicycle, it would take at most 40 minutes while the bus would take minimum 1 and a half hour and most likely more.

Usually when I take out my bicycle after a while, I get tired at short time. So, after a little distance, I put my bike away and wait for a few minutes. When my breathing reaches normal, I push the pedal again and I don’t feel that tired anymore. But that day, I didn’t feel tired at all. The weather was soft and romantic. The exam was computer practical. I had the lab reports ready on my bag. There was nothing to worry about. So, I was cycling in a soft and slow-paced mode.

The Incident

Halfway towards the college, I was cycling on the third lane. The first two lanes were jammed with cars. On the third lane, there were Rickshaws and other cycles. In a desperate attempt to overtake the cars in the first two lanes, a micro-bus decided to give the third lane a go which eventually resulted in me getting hit by it.

In less then a second, I found myself hugging with the ground and moving forward at an approximate speed of 10km/h.

As long as my fingers are working, I can’t agree to stop writing. Photo from Instagram @aisajib.

The micro-bus took a stop at a little distance. When I stood up to see how much damage I had taken after the fall, the folks at the car must have thought to themselves that I was okay and they needed to go. So they hit the accelerator and went away. Instead of chasing them, which I knew would be unsuccessful, I first took a look at my fingers. “Will I be able to type?” That was the first thing I thought to myself. Geeky, indeed!

The opposite side of my right hand’s palm lost skin. Same with the elbow and my right knee. My pant around the knee was torn and I could only see blood flowing out. I took the cycle to the roadside and searched my bag for the tissue. I had taken a big chunk of tissues because I knew I’d be sweating badly after cycling. I didn’t have any idea that I’ll be wiping blood instead.

I was walking with my cycle on my right. The time was 7 in the morning and no pharmacies were open at that time. I thought of coming back home at first, but later I decided to go for the college because I’d get medical care there and would be able to postpone my exam for the day.

Then came the hardest part.

Entering the Recovery Mode

After about half an hour of walking with my cycle, I decided to start cycling again. The idea was probably stupid but I couldn’t do anything else. Everyone in the city is busy and has no time helping out someone who could still walk by himself. I fixed my bicycle here and there and it was completely okay for another bloody ride. 😀

I got up on it and pushed the pedal. The feeling of cycling in a cool breezy weather came back with some pain here and there. Not everyone was able to spot my injuries, but those who did, looked at me like I was running for my life. 😐 Some suggested me to wash with savlon but I knew I had to go to my college first. Because the hit was rather deep, my brain wasn’t working right and I went the wrong way twice. I had to come back to the main road and take my time to figure out which the right way was.

As you might know, my college is run under the direct supervision of Bangladesh Air Force (thus BAF Shaheen College, Shaheen means Eagle, which is the monogram of BAF). The college is situated in cantonment area, right besides Air Headquarters. So, you know the road was rather clear and there was no traffic. I had fun cycling there because nobody spotted my bloody hand and knee.

Entering my college, I locked the cycle with a pillar and was immediately noticed by a teacher. He rushed me towards the MI room and called my mother. Nurse there washed all my injuries as other staff of the college was expressing their shock at how I got lucky to have avoided any major injury.

About an hour later, I was all done with three bandages and my mother along with my brother was there. I went to the exam room and had another date for my exam. Now, what do I do with my cycle?

I asked the Air Force official who first spotted me with blood. He told me to take it home with a three-wheeler. I said that it wasn’t really possible. He then got me another person who was living nearby and asked him to take the cycle to his home. He agreed and gave me his phone number asking me to call when I’m ready to take the cycle home. I took the number and gave him the key.

Did God Save Me?

Throughout the day, I heard everyone talking about how God saved me from major injuries. Granted, God saves us all the time. But when I was hearing this repeatedly, this thought came to my mind, “Does he?” I mean, I didn’t go to a suicide mission. I wasn’t supposed to get hit and injured halfway toward the college. That wasn’t normal. In fact, happening nothing to me would be normal. So, did God really save me or he injured me instead? I do believe that He saved me from anything major. I could have taken major injury if there was another oncoming car right behind me. But He could have saved me from what happened as well. I know this paragraph may be controversial, but it just got me thinking that He gave me the injuries in the first place. Maybe I should thank him for not putting any more serious accident on me.

Uncertainty Afterwards

The next day, when all my bandages had to be replaced, I had a really difficult day. When this guy at pharmacy was washing my injured areas, I felt as if he put a fire on my hand. For that moment, I felt like I would never go out cycling again.

But as the pain is lessening, I’ve already begun missing my bicycling. As you can well guess, my future of bicycling is at stake. They’ll probably not let me go out with my bicycle again. I can’t argue anymore about this with them because if I become unfortunate and get hit again, they’ll have to take the hassle again. So yeah, I don’t know for how many months or years my cycling has come to a full stop.

On July 26, I took out my bicycle with my new wristwatch. My bicycle was completely fine and went to a camp near Air Force base. And my shiny wristwatch came back home safe and sound.

16 thoughts

  1. I am so sorry to hear about your accident and it’s terrible how the vehicle that hit you simply drove away, without the courtesy of even stopping for a couple of minutes to talk to you to check whether you were fine or not. And you are brave to have simply continued back cycling to work. As Muslims, you know that we believe that life is a test, and we are tested though various means. That is why people are telling you to feel grateful that this accident wasn’t anything major. We need to learn to say alhumdulillah in all situations.


    1. Thanks Apu for your comment. I’m definitely happy and praised Allah for not making me go through any major accident, it’s just that the thought popped on my mind and I wrote it down. 🙂


  2. Yeah! I saw your Facebook status regarding this few days ago. This is just another story of reckless driving in our country. Few days ago, I was shocked by a statistics which showed that from Dec 2011- June 2012 on an average 8-9 people died everyday in road accidents.

    And this life is just a test brother, the creator says this in clearest of term.

    “Be sure We shall test you with something of fear and hunger, some loss in goods, lives, and the fruits of your toil. But give glad tidings to those who patiently persevere. Those who say, when afflicted with calamity, ‘To Allah we belong, and to Him is our return.’ They are those on whom descend blessings from their Lord, and mercy. They are the ones who receive guidance.” (Quran 2:155-157)


  3. How awful Sajib. Getting hit by a car is every cyclist’s worst nightmare. Fortunately it was not worse than it was, but still a horrible thing to go through. Hope you feel better soon.


        1. My family won’t let me do it. Because of the accident they had to go through enough hassle so I can’t not listen to them again (they didn’t permit me cycling in the first place). 😦


  4. It is rather risky to drive with bicyle in Dhaka with so many people and Rickshaws… I am so sorry for your accident, hope you are well.,,,


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