..especially when you can’t use one of them for a while.

handsSitting in my home for a record-breaking 10 days (and counting) in a row, I got to think about how lazy I was not to put my hands in good use. I could do all sorts of work in a painless way. I could finish all my writing and other tasks that I put on hold as a result of procrastination. I could turn to my blog and write down everything that comes to my mind. I could work from anywhere with that laptop I’ve got. I could go to Apu’s place and play around with Maisha for hours.

So many things I could do while both of my hands were working right.

In the proverb, they say, blessings are not valued till they are gone. If I were to take my hands as blessings, which they obviously are, they aren’t gone yet. But I’m beginning to realize the value of having two healthy hands at a full working condition.

I’m happy that I didn’t have to lose them somehow to realize how useful they are. My left hand is fine but I already feel incomplete without the right one. God made us perfectly with two hands to work together. Having two hands (and legs, and every part of the body) in a healthy state is indeed a divine gift.

scar in hand
State of my right hand 10 days after the accident. Same condition on my elbow and knee.

Make best use of them while you have it.


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