I peaked at this year’s Twenty Twelve theme that was going to be the default theme for WordPress. But today, I saw it on my Facebook that WordPress has finally released the full and final version of Twenty Twelve, which will be the default theme for all WordPress installations (and registers here at WordPress.com).

But before I could read on what was included in this new theme, Facebook poses as a security caretaker (for which they aren’t really that famous).

facebook wordpress

I literally spoke to the screen, “Really, Facebook? When lots of people’s accounts get compromised by third-party apps that claim to remove timeline and their accounts begin to post the same link to their friends’ walls, what do you do? And now you stop me from entering WordPress.com? A site that powers more than 25 million sites on the web?”

Seriously, if it was not Facebook and Zuckerberg himself, I’d have said, “What drink did you just have?”

8 thoughts

  1. I think facebook is declining its own popularity and sometimes they play like evil. Ok, using a free social network does not mean that they have the power to play monopoly with the people sentiment. Poor facebook! I am also sick off their 3rd party contents. Total HECK!.


    1. Facebook is already last when it comes to user satisfaction according to a recent study (Google+ being the first). We can see why Facebook won’t be around a decade later or two.


          1. Well, of the two, I still prefer Facebook. In fact, I deleted my G+ account last month. I just didn’t get much interaction on it.

            I used to have my WordPress blog connected to my FB page, so that all new blog posts would automatically appear on my FB profile, but I disconnected that, because I figure it’s best to avoid the chances of getting hacked, but having different accounts connected. So it’s safer to just manually link to new posts on my FB profile.


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