How long has it been since I last posted on this blog? Oh man! I feel too tired to even look at that. Ever since I bought the domain for this blog, I haven’t really undermined it like this past couple of weeks. So, what’s gotten into me?

Some of you might think that I got a new girl around who’s keeping me from my virtual world. Huh! Not even close. In fact, if there was someone, my blog readers would have been the first to know.

I have been busy with my new website about Android. I’m receiving mixed feedback from the people. Mostly positive, of course, while some tell me to start this in English. Well, I thought of that in the first place. But making an English site popular requires more efforts and time. I’m not afraid of the efforts I’ll have to put into this, but I’ve not got the time. Like I said sometime ago, I have a life-changing exam next year. It’s the end of the college exam. And I really have to do good in it. 

I believe I’ve got what it takes to make a blog popular. I don’t need much money investment into it. I know what to do and how to do. But the most expensive investment for me right now is the time. Time is something I can’t really invest right now. Had I not started Android Kothon already, I would have given it a try. But considering that I’ll require more time in an English site than a Bangla site, I decided to go the Bangla way, targeting local audience. Sure there are a lot of Android fans in Bangladesh. I haven’t done any form of marketing but my site is already getting over 1,500 views per day at its first month.

I have some plans. If they work out, someday the site will be profitable. If it fails, I’m sure I can sell it off to some people. I’m not saying I’ll do it or that I have the intention of selling it. But if the site goes big and there is no much sponsors from the local market, I’ll have to leave off.

That’s what is keeping me away from personal blogging for a seriously long time. I do miss blogging although I’ve been writing posts multiple times a day. (Android Kothon is powered by WordPress, so you know the backend is somewhat similar to that of my personal blog).

But I did terribly miss writing in my blog. I’m talking about this one, considering the fact that I have a few. I’m keeping my Bangla blogs up because I need to speed up my writing speed. Still it’s faster than most other people, but my English typing speed is far better. I feel better typing in English because I don’t need to press the single character twice or thrice to make a conjunction (I’m not sure what it’s called in English. In Bangla, it’s juktakkhor).

Anyway, I always have something on my mind to write about. It gets a little lonely in here when no one else is commenting. But I’ll try to keep my rhythm going.

If you join the conversation, I will be glad.

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